What if I was nominated? Super sweet blog award.

Okay, what if I was nominated for the Super Sweet Blog Award by another great site itwritesitself? She says she has an overactive mind, but I think it’s just the right amount. Thank you for the nomination. This is the first time I have been nominated for any blogging award so I hope I have these rules right.


I will now, per the rules, bestow upon you my thirteen (a baker’s dozen) well deserving nominees for this Super Sweet honor

1) Kindnessblog Sharing kindness everyday. Can’t think of anything better than that.

2) Harsh Reality I’m sure opinionated man has been nominated more than he can count, but he is well deserving and I appreciated the welcome I felt from him upon my arrival in the blogging world

3) Baseball, Yoga, Life… (and me) An insightful blog about baseball, yoga… well, I’m sure you get it

4) Zany Zach’s Blog He says it’s a blog for reviews, but there’s a lot more to it. You definitely should check it out

5) flow of my soul A blog about life, dreams and the journey of it all

6) The Dimwit Diary  A humorous website of assorted madness. Because sometimes madness is creative

7) Little Bird’s Dad A different kind of Dad blog. He is informative, fun and is great interacting with followers

8) Zoo Boo One of my newest finds, but a fun blog with fairy princess’s, unicorns and great content

9) Is Everyone an Idiot But Me Taking nominations for Idiot of the week. It seems there is no end to the candidates

10) Duck Duck Gray Duck As he says, navigating the nonsense and spotlighting the profound

11) Movies, Silently Celebrating silent movies and more with great posts and content

12) suzie81’s blog Another blog that probably gets nominated time and again, but deserving every time

13) itwritesitself Right back at you and thanks for the nomination

Now continuing with the rules, my answers to five questions

1) Cookies or cake – Cookies with milk, cake with ice cream

2) Chocolate or vanilla – Chocolate and vanilla, with a little more of the chocolate

3) Favorite sweet treat – Reese’s peanut butter cups

4) When do you crave sweet things the most – When I don’t have any

5) Sweet nickname – None, remember I’m cranky, not sweet

It is an honor to receive this nomination and share some other great blogs I’ve enjoyed. Please take some time and check them out.

12 thoughts on “What if I was nominated? Super sweet blog award.

  1. Thanks so much … for reading … commenting … supporting … and letting people know about so many other blogs out here in the ether (including mine). I believe I have 4 readers (maybe 5 on a good day). I’m glad you’re one of them! And, am glad to have your blog to read and enjoy; I’ll do my part to spread the word!

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