What if I could see the sea? Weekly photo challenge.

I don’t normally pay attention to the weekly photo challenges, but I saw this one (Sea) and had to share a few of my pictures taken a couple years back at Myrtle Beach, SC. The first picture was taken on the beach and the other two from the balcony of the hotel my wife and I stayed at. It was early fall and every time I look at these pictures they remind me how peaceful it was there.



You don’t get to see a horse on the beach too often so I figured I’d get a picture.

11 thoughts on “What if I could see the sea? Weekly photo challenge.

    • I don’t take many pictures. Anytime I go somewhere I always manage to remember the camera after I get there. I need to change that.
      Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep an eye out for ones I can do.

  1. Very nice photographs. I am not a photographing person either but I look through what I have when these photo challenges are issued. Also I so want to ride a horse on a beach. I have limited experience riding a horse but I think on a beach would be so much more peaceful than a rocky track up a mountain and woods like we did a few years ago in Yellowstone.

    • Thanks. I’ve enjoyed these pictures for awhile, its nice to share them and have others enjoy them as well.

      By the way I have zero riding experience but I agree. A beach would be a nice place to learn. Nice soft sand when I fell off.

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