Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside



Always thought the idea of playing baseball inside was a little weird. Watching it reminded me of my high school baseball days. When it would rain we still had practice, but would have it inside the gymnasium using a rubber ball instead of a regular baseball. Made for some fun and interesting practices, but they were never too serious.

Photo taken in Tampa Bay at Tropicana Field during a Red Sox visit.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

  1. Baseball under a dome seems odd to me. I guess fans like it because of temperature and weather but I don’t think the players are too crazy about it. A highly hit baseball in the rafters can be hard to spot. The type of dome that can be opened is good. I’ve never been to a game under a dome. We have always had open stadiums in Philadelphia.

  2. I like the way you’ve balanced out this shot … the composition is intriguing … with the green space being almost empty and all the people in the stands …. the curve of the dome cover suggestive of the curve on the field pitch etc. Truly nifty …. made me stop and look again and again and again.

    • Thank you. My camera did most of the work but sadly it died this week. The zoom broke and it will no longer focus. I need to work on getting a new camera but hate to let this one go, it was such a great camera.

      • Eeek! My heart shudders to a halt. That TOTALLY sucks.

        I kind of understand the feeling because my very insignificant *point and shoot* seems to be producing slightly fuzzy results … now I need to figure out if it’s me or the camera. I also need to figure out what type of digital SLR I would like but my brain goes all *wah* when I see all the bloody options and gadgetry.

        What type of camera are you using, if you don’t mind my asking.

        Wearing black arm band for iamfunny2 …. the camera may have handled the technical details …. but you chose the POV so … accept the compliment … please 🙂

        • I accept and thank you for the compliment. The camera was/is a Samsung digital with a 15X zoom. Not sure of the model but can check. My wife has a nice canon point and shoot. She wants the extended zoom lens for hers so maybe if I bribe her by purchasing the lens she will let me use it until I can get a new one.

        • Thanks for the info …. I’m just wondering what people are using as I’m cyber searching for something better … nobody uses film anymore! My trusty SLR is lonely. Lol ….

          Hmmm …. bribery …. now there’s an *original* idea ….. throw in something really special on top of it …. something your wife would really appreciate, and maybe she’ll be all generous 🙂

          Seriously … I hope you get things squared away right quick.

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