What if I had 20,000 followers? Not yet but OKAY, WHAT IF?

300 is a nice number isn’t it. I like it. It’s nice and simple. 300 – A three and two zeros, three total numbers. It was even a pretty decent movie. Now thanks to Steven Cottingham from Just After Words it’s the total number of followers on my blog.

Not sure why I find that total so astonishing. I hit 50 and thought wow. Then I hit 100 and said that’s pretty cool. With 200 I was drooling just at the thought. Now I’ve hit that 300 mark and all I can do is keep writing 300 and then start thinking, I wonder just how far I can go.

If I use movie titles I could strive for 1000 (House of 1000 Corpses), then go for 2000 (Death Race 2000), next could be 3000 (Mr. 3000)  and I figure why stop there. There is always goals of 10,000 (10,000 B.C.) or 20,000 (20,000 Leagues under the Sea)

But anyway I’m just rambling now. To each and every follower I thank you. For everyone who has read, liked or commented on a post I thank you. To everyone who has blogged a little themselves and kept this community strong I thank you.

black-41640_640With every post I appreciate this community more and more. I enjoy telling my stories and being a little weird and creepy at times. I normally try to add some humor so I don’t seem quite as weird.

I’ve also enjoyed the ability to read other’s stories, ideas and thoughts everyday. I’ve come to the realization that all those people on Facebook posting recipes and funny little photos just don’t know what they are are missing out on.  My Facebook friends are acquaintances, but my wordpress friends are my family.

I think you all know who you are. Thanks again for allowing me into your world the last few months. I hope you don’t mind but I have found the place very cozy and think I might just stay a while.

Looking forward to the next post in my reader and the next comment on my blog. Is it going to be your comment that makes me smile today?

26 thoughts on “What if I had 20,000 followers? Not yet but OKAY, WHAT IF?

  1. If I had 20,000 people following me I’d feel like The Pied Piper, be extremely paranoid, and spend all my time filing restraining orders! But that’s just me. 🙂

    • No secrets I know of. I just keep writing what I enjoy and appreciating it when others like it as well. You’ve helped me a lot along the way and are definitely one of my family I’m glad to have around here.

  2. My blog’s been running for already 3 monts and I only have 29 followers. I guess we all start somewhere! Congratulations by the way! 🙂

    • The followers can take off anytime. If you write the right post and it hits just right that follow number will grow fast. As long as you are enjoying what you’re doing though the number really doesn’t matter. Thank you to you for being a part of my wordpress family

    • The sidebar adds in the twitter and facebook connected followers which are a lot of doubles so I pay most attention to the actual wordpress followers., Thank you for being among them.

  3. Hey hey hey, Congrats !!!
    Well a guy gotta dream, right? Then why not 20,000 ? 😉
    After all if you work hard enough and whole heartedly you’ll achieve your goals!
    You obviously deserve every bit of success that has come your way ! 🙂

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