What if a pill could cure the kill?

Today’s Daily Prompt: Placebo Effect asks if you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?

I started watching a new show on TV this season called The Tomorrow People. It is about a group of evolved humans who have the ability to teleport themselves, read minds and move things by thought. Their only imperfection to becoming the ultimate human species is the inability to kill. Every time one attempts to kill someone they break down and collapse, unable to complete the kill.

pills-drugs-155657_640Watching this show and then seeing this prompt made me start thinking. What if the inability to kill each other is anything but an imperfection. What if I could create a pill that made this a human trait. What if we were unable to kill another human? What could this mean to the world as a whole?

How would wars be fought if the threat of killing was removed from the table? World leaders would be playing tic-tac-toe or rock-papers-scissors to decide our fate. What would gangs have to do if they couldn’t threaten one another with a drive-by? Maybe they would band together to create better communities.

All assassins would be out of a job. Police would have more time to concentrate on crimes like robbery and drugs. Just imagine if you took suicide away from humans, no one can even kill themselves. We can do away with all the bombs and automatic weapons.

What would we watch on television if you remove killing from the stories? All cop dramas, supernatural thrillers and most of the investigation shows would be gone. How would CBS and the ID channel survive? I wonder if zombies would fall under the can’t kill category? They are humans but already dead, so can we kill them again or would they run wild?

Of course we need to be able to keep the ability to kill other species. Our food supply depends on that. And I’d hate to think how many pests we would have to deal with if we could not kill any mosquitos, roaches, mice and the like. What situations have I not thought of that the inability to kill other humans would create? What are your thoughts?

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17 thoughts on “What if a pill could cure the kill?

  1. I used to watch that when I was a kid. Well, obviously not the same one, this one is a remake from it. The (old) Tomorrow People was one of my favourite programs. I didn’t know they had done a remake. I’ll have to go look for it

  2. My friend told me about this show, he said it was really good and he loved the whole idea behind it.
    I couldn’t care less if all the bad guys, like murderers, were killed off, the world would be a better place (I know that we’re not supposed to judge people, but it’s part of human nature to judge) but what I have an issue with is when innocent people are affected. They haven’t done anything wrong, why should something like that happen to them?

  3. I used to watch that programme as a kid. Don’t know if it’s a remake or not.
    That would be a splendid idea you propose. I’m laughing at the visual of presidents and prime ministers playing rock, paper, scissors.
    The news would maybe be more cheery too.
    Maybe films would have to change even although it’s only acting. Perhaps people couldn’t even condone the idea if they took this pill. Interesting post. :)x

  4. Hmmm ….. so … here’s a random thought? What about “reformed” murderers? Or those who have slain in self-defense? People make mistakes all of the time, an so who are we are act as judge, jury and high executioner?

    Sure, there are people who willingly and knowingly kill – for often what the “developed and civilized” world calls heinous reasons – think Hitler or any other over-the top “nutcase.” But your idea opens up an entirely new morally, ethically, racially etc. potentially ugly can of worms.

    Interesting thoughts – definitely thought-provoking, but I think it would be better, perhaps an alternative solution, if “your pill creation” was more along the lines of – ” give it everyone – because it will help people make conscientious decisions.” – the opposite of a “killing pill” – ” a conscientious life giving pill” and then, let the cards lie where they fall.

    • And I now realize, after re-reading your post, that perhaps I have interpreted it “incorrectly.”

      Hmmm …..

      I don’t think a “stop the killing pill” would work. It’s a great and lovely idea – but I think I responded previously because of the ambiguity (slight) of the original post.

      I’m not confused. Don’t quite know where I’m going with this …. need brain food.

        • Great – good to know you enjoy reading the nonsensical ramblings of … er … well …. me 😉

          Seriously, I don’t know where my head was/is at. Maybe I shouldn’t be so quick on the reply button? Lol …. anyhow, great post – food for thought, but not before I take my “boost-her-brain pill.” 😉

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