What if I lost my head?

The following post was written for the Friday Fictioneers writing prompt. Write a story of around 100 words based on the photo below.


When I checked the box for donor I never expected this. I’m not even sure where my body ended up. It might be one of those weird headless statues at some library somewhere. So now I’ve been stuck up here for years left staring at the same telephone pole. Well, not the same, they did replace the wood one with a metal one a few years back. Every year around Christmas they even add a decoration.

I guess that’s what I get for listening to a female. You’re important and you should donate to science, she said. When did science turn into concrete facade on front street? Then again she didn’t make out any better. Last I heard they turned her into a mermaid statue, stuck her in the middle of a fountain and let water pour out her mouth. That can’t be a great way to spend eternity.

I wonder if I could talk to someone about getting a pair of sunglasses for the summer months?

26 thoughts on “What if I lost my head?

  1. Funny take:-)Loved the line about his wife being turned into a mermaid statue,lol!

    Btw,I think there is a typo in the second sentence of the second para-I think you meant “You are important ” and not “Your important”?

  2. Dear You is Funny,

    A telephone poll? I know that they are often conducted over the telephone, but I’m confused. Sandra got the other glitch so you get me. And we get a surfeit of words. A judicious mix of proof reading and editing mixed with a few more minutes at the keyboard might be called for. Or not.



    • I corrected the typos. I wrote three posts in a couple hours last night and this was the last, I guess I let the typos slip through. I’ll try to be a little better and not upset everybody in the future.

      • Dear I am funny.

        I’m not upset and don’t want to upset you. I simply have a feeling that there is so much more to be seen from you. If I felt different i’d just slide on by and you would not be the wiser. Readers are gifts beyond price, especially those who will tell you where the nib of your pen is dull. Let me know if you want me to hush. It’s easy.



  3. Well, I like your story except for one line that I really take exception to. You say, “I guess that’s what I get for listening to a female.” This sounds too misogynist. Couldn’t you say instead, “That’s what I get for listening to my wife?” Then its just personal, between the two of them, not the entire feminine population.

    • If it needs to be changed I will, but I was hoping it wouldn’t be taken that way. I didn’t want to bring wife or relationships into it. I also added the “I guess” to mean he really didn’t blame a female, just used this to cope with his situation and also to assert he listened to a female because he would have done anything for her, meaning she really had the power. Just think about the rest of the story, he knew more about what happened to her than his own body.

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