Sunday photo fiction November 10, 2013

Write a flash fiction story of around 100 to 200 words based on the photo below. For the Sunday photo fiction writing prompt


Oh, but what to do with the ship. It was Ronnie’s prized possession. He had cut, sanded and painted many a night before he got it to be what he wanted. It gave him peace to know he created it, a memory to his own father. Ronnie never spent a day on a ship in his life, but could still quote stories of sea monsters and long voyages beyond the sight of land.

The last few years it had been a center piece for every one to see. Every nurse who came by to check on him and every friend who stopped in for a visit would ask about the ship. Ronnie would let loose of tales that kept them occupied for hours.

Every night Ronnie would lean down, put a hand on the ship and pray. Somewhere during the prayer he would always thank his father for everything he had given to his family, including the sacrifice he made to save many men the night the storm took him from this earth.

Now Ronnie’s time to rest had come and still the ship remained. How could something so precious to him be given away? Oh, what to do with the ship?

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