What if beauty was desired by evil?

I found a new photo challenge today called Picture it & Write. I liked the photo used for today’s prompt and decided to give it a try. Let me know what you think of my story and if you want to try a story yourself check out Ermiliablog It’s pretty interesting.


Photo by Kyle Thompson

The pageant had been so enticing. The chance to visit a real castle, to don princess apparel in a place where princesses had once been the norm so thrilling. It seemed a bit odd when they were told meet up and they would be taken to the castle, but this was all new and a little mystery just added to the excitement.

Three limousines with blacked out windows had brought them to the castle. A total of seventeen women with thoughts of winning the first ever Miss Royalty Pageant. They were ushered into an area to primp and begin to practice their routines. Katie was the first to notice there was no audience, no stage and no photographers. The door to the room opened and a man entered the room.

“Welcome ladies to my home, I hope you have enjoyed your time here because you will never leave this place!” He spoke with such coldness it brought goose bumps to the girls skin.

When he finished his words the shadows of the room began to move, creatures of pure blackness stepped out and started taking the girls away, disappearing into nothing. Katie, Samantha and Karen were the closest to the entrance and they bolted through, past the man. They escaped the castle and entered the woods surrounding.

It had now been hours since the escape and the further into the woods they traveled the darker and deeper the muck became. They stopped for just a moment to rest. Karen was exhausted to the point she needed to be held up by the other girls, but as they stood there they could hear the screams coming from the castle they left behind. Quitting was not an option, they needed to keep moving. If they died in these woods it would surely be a better fate than what the other girls were enduring.

7 thoughts on “What if beauty was desired by evil?

  1. Interesting thoughts – lol – maybe a bit darker – but that’s okay …. sounds like a work in progress – with unlimited possibilities, even a fairy tale ending? Who knows? But good piece nonetheless no matter where or where you do not go with this.

    • Eww, I like the idea of expanding it and giving it the fairy tale ending. That could be fun. I might have to come back to this a little later and have a little fun with it. Thanks for reading and the idea.

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