Update on the What if challenge? Week twelve

Can you believe this is week twelve of the What if writing challenge? In those twelve weeks we have seen just over a hundred posts inspired by the challenge. We’ve written about clones, dragons, our evil sides, mad scientists, spying, scary times and more. I hope everyone has had just as much fun with it as I have. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far and those who have read and liked the responses.

2672889152_0fa1bf6ebc_nNow to this week. I asked you to speak your mind, What if you said what you really thought? This was a very interesting thought and I enjoyed reading your responses. There was some debate in a couple posts about whether the need to keep your thoughts hidden was a part of what keeps society from crumbling or it we would be better off if we always said what we thought. I think it’s great when you’re still thinking about the subject after you finished writing your post or reading someone else’s.

If you want to see what everyone spent their time speaking about this week please check out these great responses to the challenge. Then head back over here tomorrow to try your hand at the next one.

What are your thoughts? What if you shared them?

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