What if the world had ended on December 21, 2012?

I’ve been doing some reading lately and noticed a trend of people talking about the tough year that 2013 was. Even though I agree that the past year has been a difficult one for most of us, it easily could’ve been worse (or not been at all). Remember when just over a year ago all the doomsday preppers were ready for It all to come to an end?

mayanAccording to some, the world was supposed to come to it’s terrible conclusion on December 21, 2012. Well it’s more than a year later and here we are, still living and hopefully enjoying our daily lives. So instead of talking about all the tough times that 2013 brought about, let’s be thankful for the good things it brought us, and a few of the weird stories that were.

I myself am so thankful to have found wordpress and this blogging community. It all started right here about six months ago and since has morphed into over 250 posts on two blogs with a total follower count of over 600 (yes I’m greedy and adding all the twitter and Facebook followers as well) and more than 12000 total views. In addition I have found a lot of great reading material and several new friends.

2013 World Series Game 6: St. Louis Cardinals v. Boston Red SoxThis past year also gave us the Miley Cyrus VMA’s performance (that was a quick leap sideways huh) that had and still has a lot of people talking. We also saw a new Pope named (sorry, just trying to see how far I can leap from one thing to the next) and a Red Sox World Series win months after a terrible incident at the Boston Marathon. George Zimmerman made the news way too much and we found out the U.S. Government has the technology to spy on everyone in the world, but not enough to run its own health care website.

There was a royal baby birth and another baby born who will forever be known as North West (man I feel bad for that rich little brat). Amanda Bynes tried to set herself on fire while Beyoncé treated customers to a 37,000 dollar shopping spree at Wal-Mart. Rob Ford the mayor of Toronto Canada made himself a worldwide name with his antics caught on cameras.

ZombieCarnival Cruise’s became a lot less appealing and TV got a lot deadlier with shows like The Walking Dead killing characters off in nearly every scene. President Obama lied and Nelson Mandela died. Detroit filed for bankruptcy despite Eminem releasing a new album or the eleven dollars I plopped down for a beer at a Kid Rock concert.

All in all it’s been a wonderfully weird year. I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did mine. I’m looking forward to what 2014 brings.

9 thoughts on “What if the world had ended on December 21, 2012?

  1. 2013 was an incredibly hard year for me and several of my friends. Could it have been worse….I won’t let my mind go there. Even with the hard times, some of the best came forward as well.
    And….I do love Miley. She is a hot mess and she knows what she is doing. 😉

    • Yea I think Miley is probably ultimately smarter than she ever gets credit for. Hoping your 2014 bring you nothing but good times. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Hear hear, I feel exactly the same. Although I’d make a few points: for one, I doubt either Eminem or Kid Rock are sharing their money with Detroit, and if they did it would vaporize! And that’s it. Here’s to a great year coming, and I’ll be starting to think up what-ifs as soon as this crazy move is done!

  3. According to the “prophecy” (?!??!) – 2013 was supposed to be a very difficult year for very many, not only on a personal, private level, but also globally as well. And now, 2014 is supposed to be a year of great transitions and changes.

    So let’s hope that all will be better – in all sense of the word – for each and everyone and that issues, conflicts, problems are resolved with ease, and in peace.

    Health, health and more health for everyone – for without it – we are paralyzed and stuck – joy, peace, love, fun and prosperity for all. Happy 2014. 🙂

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