What if the Sane Were Locked Up in Psychiatric Hospitals?

This post is being brought to you by Julie Pratt, aka wavemistress, aka cimmorene. You can visit her at The Dragon’s Lair or on Cimmy’s Stories. It is a response to the post I left a few days ago asking for my blogging family to help make me smile. Please enjoy her post and when you get a chance head over and see more of her work on these great sites.

“What if it turned out that Insane Asylums were full of sane people who can’t handle that everyone else is crazy?”

man-149493_150Every day we drive to work or sit in front of our computers (or both).  We  visit the grocery store or the library or the park and we interact with the  ordinary people that we meet every day.  We never stop to think that this person  we’re looking at might have issues of their own.  Some of these issues even  qualify under the umbrella term of “crazy.”

I remember a time in the history books when we’re told that the so-called  “abnormal” were locked up in “asylums” where the “normal” wouldn’t have to deal  with them.  People with severe learning problems, people with nervous  breakdowns, people who had attempted to take their own lives.  Some of these had  even been put into “padded cells” so they couldn’t hurt themselves.  There are  still hospitals for the “mentally disturbed.” These are places where people go  if they need serious psychological help.

But what if all the people who went to those places, who still go to these  places, aren’t the crazy ones?  What if those are the people who were “sane”?   After all, what is there about this world that really makes sense?  What is  there about this world that, in the strictest definition of the term could be  called “sane.”  Also, as I said, everyone in the world has something about them,  something they do habitually, that could be termed crazy.  So, what if those  hospitals aren’t filled with insane people, but  with the “sane” who learned the  world is crazy and couldn’t handle the truth.

jail-161645_150Wouldn’t that mean that you, your mother, your neighbor, your garbage man and everyone  else out here are really the crazy ones?  I think so.  However, before you  decide to tar and feather me, stop and think.  People outside of hospital walls  are crazy, but we’re also psychologically stable.  What I mean is, we can handle  the truth.  We are the ones who understand that the earth is crazy, nuts, insane  and it doesn’t bother us.  Why?  Because we’re insane.

I know it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but, in this crazy, mixed-up  world, why should it?

Julie A. Pratt
daughter, wife, mother of 2, Child of God.

9 thoughts on “What if the Sane Were Locked Up in Psychiatric Hospitals?

    • It’s an idea I’ve been toying with for a while. JED just gave me the opportunity to write it out. Anyway, who knows, maybe your Mom is the least crazy one of you all, as she’s the first to have had an “obvious mental breakdown.”

  1. Welll ….. SHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Don’t be blowing my cover.

    Truthfully, the “crazy” ones who are institutionalized have many lessons to teach us – but most of us don’t understand, aren’t tuned in, can’t find the frequency – and honestly – are too damn afraid to even want to try. Hence push push shove shove go away go away. Out of sight, out of mind – or not.

    Fortunately I am one of the few that “do” understand – and so no matter where I am or where I go, someone in some “crazy” way shape or form – immediately “finds” me.
    I swear, I can’t be taken or brought anywhere!

    Great piece of writing with interesting ideas.

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