What if we could make the world dance?

I’ve been captivated by this show on Sky called ‘Ashley Banjo’s Big Town Dance’. For anyone who does not know who this particular gentleman is, well he’s the lead dancer and choreographer which a street dance crew called ‘Diversity’, he’s also rather cute, which certainly does not detract from the show’s likability.


Oooo I say, he’s rather fit!

In the show, his intention is to bring together a whole town through the power of dance. To form crews, he pulls people of various ages from a diverse range of occupations and sectors.

It’s been fun watching how all the people interact, especially those who never would have before, for example, pupils and teachers, eventually coming together as a unit to complete the task.

There is no doubt that music is a good mood influencer and there are few people who when presented with a good tune will not show some kind of appreciation, be it with a toe tap, or a shake of the booty! I don’t have a bucket list but you can be assured that if I did, being part of a flash mob would be somewhere near the top.

The vibe and the mood within the WordPress community has been very subdued of late, I’m as guilty as anyone else. That said, I might have lost my voice by my toes are still tapping. So what if we all got up and danced?

Think of the benefits, in fact, to save you having to think at all, here are the benefits:

  • Exercise – We’re always being told we need to do more, but the trials and tribulations of everyday life don’t leave us an awful lot of free time. So just stick on a tune and dance around the chair in your office, pulling a few of your co-workers to their feet for good measure.
  • Social Skills Improvement – Dance round your handbag or man bag in a shopping centre. If at least one person comes up and asks you if you have lost the plot, then you have fulfilled your goal by interacting with a total stranger. If they then call the police and you get arrested, even better, you’ll fulfill your whole week’s quota in just one day!
  • Save time on housework – Dancing gets the old endorphins flowing meaning that you can do all the cleaning in double quick time. Another quick tip is to stick two cleaning cloths onto your derrière with double sided sticky tape, meaning you can dust as you dance. If however you have a lot of ornaments that are of sentimental value, this method is not recommended.
  • Meeting new people – When you dance in public, you might feel like you’re crazy. It’s also a given that everyone else will think you are crazy, but don’t stop. Crazy is infectious and there is always some other eejit out there who is brave enough to join in. Eventually you will feel like a shepherd adding wee sheepsies to your flock. You can even form your own Baaaa…d Ass Crew!
dancing sheep

Yee haaaaa!

So you see, dancing has a lot of benefits and handled correctly could indeed unite the whole world. So the next time you feel your toe starting to tap, stand up and give it all a wiggle instead. A wiggle a day keeps the Doctor away!

7 thoughts on “What if we could make the world dance?

  1. Love the theme and post – and yeah – let’s get up and dance, even if it’s just a wiggle or two … guaranteed to lead to the shimmy shimmy shake 😉

  2. The problem is, the doctor did not sign a contract with that patient agreeing to her billing while she did in fact sign a contract with the physician. Her bill is neither binding nor appropriate. I’d shred her bill and tell her “show me where I signed the contract with you agreeing to your fee schedule?”..

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