Weekly what if writing challenge 02/10/2014

It’s time for the latest Weekly what if writing challenge and I hope it will be a fun one this week. It’s the first weekly challenge I’ve posted in a while and runs alongside the monthly challenge.

For this one I want to know

Glasses never fail to conceal your true identity

Glasses never fail to conceal your true identity

What if you were a Super-Zero?

Let me explain. I want you to imagine you are a super-hero or villain but I don’t want to know anything about your heroism, your abilities or how you got them. I want you to tell me about your average joe alter-ego.

If you had extreme powers or were a flying alien would you create an alternate, everyday persona? Would you want to be a reporter, a photographer or run a distinguished school?

Is there a need for hiding in plain sight? If so why do you think this way? What do you believe would be the best way to spend your off days? How would you disguise your identity?

Lets have some fun at the expense of all the Super-Powered beings out there. Please add whatifchallenge as a tag for your post and link to this challenge post to create a pingback.

Comments are closed on these challenges and you have until midnight EST on Saturday to get your challenge post in. Any questions please email me at thoughts@okaywhatif.com

Don’t forget about the February what if writing challenge two-fer. You have until February 27th to get your response in before voting starts.

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