What if winter was as confused as we are?

snow-161423_640So I am sitting in my living room tonight in a pair of shorts and t-shirt trying to cool off. I spent the afternoon at work sweating my ass off and couldn’t wait to get home, shower and then turn on the fan. Want to know what is so unusual about that? For one it has been one of the coldest winters in recent memory all over the U.S. with mountains of snow piling up in several states.

I live in North Carolina myself and just one week ago today we were in our third day of freezing rain, sleet and snow. We received over a foot all together and I personally lost power at my house for more than sixteen hours. Me, the wife and animals were all huddled up together with a small kerosene heater as the only source of heat and a few candles lit so we could see.

Then on Friday the 14th I heard about an earthquake not far from where I live. I didn’t feel it but according to news reports I probably should have. So just to sum up the last week or so on last Tuesday we received a couple inches of snow, Wednesday more snow, some ice and sleet, Thursday more snow and ice, Friday clear but freezing, roads messy and an earthquake. Skip forward to today and we have 70+ degrees.

Tomorrow the forecast is for thunderstorms. One radio report I heard today said we had a 100% chance of thunderstorms. I mean come on, just how much weirder can this weather get? I am starting to believe the most confused person this winter might be winter itself. Maybe all the talk of global warming has caused his mind to slip and he can’t figure out the best way to handle it.

So for now I am trying to stay cool for the first time this winter while staring at my heater and stack of blankets that just recently were my only sources of warmth. To top it off I heard talk today of another possible snowstorm that may be heading our way by next Friday. Just another episode in the weirdest winter ever.

8 thoughts on “What if winter was as confused as we are?

  1. “…researchers have noted a statistical correlation between periods when the polar vortex is weak and outbreaks of severe cold in many Northern Hemisphere cities.”

    (Stratospheric Polar Vortex Influences Winter Cold, Researchers Say, December 1, 2001, NASA Earth Observatory)


    More specifically, it has been suggested that recent warming trends have weakened the vortex, and brought down cold Arctic air that would normally… stay up in the Arctic. This is what people are actually referring to by the “polar vortex”. Instead of, “Oooh, polar vortex done come down!”, people should be thinking, “The barrier that is the polar vortex has weakened, allowing cold Arctic air to sneak down.”

    Enough time has passed that seasonal weather for spring have come in, i.e. the warmer fronts have asserted themselves.

  2. Crazy weather all over the world – so I guess all we can do is be prepared for the completely weird and “unusual” – because this seems to be the new “usual.”

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