What if you could redo today? What if you had the chance every day?

redo-151210_150What if, at the end of every day, you got the chance to keep the day or have a do-over? The day would come to a close and you would need to decide to keep the entire day or start it over.. There would be no do-over moments, just the entire day itself. How often do you think you might use this ability?

I was having one of my daydreams today and this thought wiggled its way free. It made for an interesting topic and something to continue daydreaming about. Could I see myself needing to relive certain days? Maybe last week when I wasted four dollars on those lottery scratch offs, but it seems like a lot of trouble having to relive an entire day over that one bad decision.

shredded-paper-168650_640But then, what if the bad decision was much worse, much more detrimental to myself or a loved one? What if I accidentally ran over the neighbor’s cat? What if I fell off the porch and broke my leg? What if in a fit of rage I told my boss off and walked out? Would I want the chance to completely shred these actions and memories from my life’s journey? The more I thought about this the more it intrigued me.

I started an internal debate with myself asking, isn’t life at least a little about the mistakes we make? They are a part of our journey and even the worst of mistakes should be cherished once we have moved past them. We should be able to become better because we learned from our mistakes. What can we learn from wiping our slate clean afterwards? What about those events in our lives that are weeks, months or years in the making? A single day would do nothing about them and wouldn’t that just make me angrier for not having the ability?

How would my do-over day affect others? If I started changing things about my day would it change others as well? If I rewound the day I ran over that neighbor cat and let little Snowball live, would someone else’s life be taken? A life for a life? (By the way, I’ve never hit a cat. This was just the scenario I used. No animals were harmed in the writing of this post!)

And then, suddenly my mind made a zig zag and went in a completely, kind of scary direction. I thought

Wait, if I can just relive the day over then there are no consequences to my actions. Time to get drunk, party non-stop and pee on a police car!

My thoughts didn’t stop there.

Now I can really tell my boss off and walk out!

Now I can pig out and eat all the chocolate I want, all while sitting on the candy aisle at the local department store!

I can walk up to that a-hole Mark, slap him across the face then grab his wife Lucy and lay a big wet one right on her lips!

fight-151796_150There were a few more thoughts that I would rather keep to myself as they were not exactly family friendly. I just shook my head and couldn’t believe just how bizarre my mind is sometimes. I wondered if I would be able to take the beatdown from Mark or who knows what from my few hours in jail.

I would have to suffer through any consequences until the end of the day when I could rewind it and start over. What if I lost track of whether the day I was in was my first attempt or my do-over? Wow would that really suck!

I finally regained myself and entered back into reality, but it did make for a pretty long, intense and interesting daydream.

Would you like the chance at do-over days? What would you use them for? I would gladly accept any comments you might want to share.

4 thoughts on “What if you could redo today? What if you had the chance every day?

  1. Man if I could do over days I’d probably get stuck in a loop, insisting that I could beat the problem I had with that day, never realizing that there’s no way to beat it or just never finding the right solution.

    I’ll pass on that power!

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