What if I owned my own tank?

tank2If I owned a big tank

First place I’d go was the bank

Park it in just the right space

And point it just the right place

Go in and see Mr. Malone

Dare him to say no to my loan

He might want to be a bit careful

Before he starts mentioning collateral

tank1If I called a tank mine

I would drive it all the time

I know it don’t drive that fast

But man the trip is a blast

Everyone better stay out of my way

Or they might have a really bad day

With my tank I don’t use the brakes

Sometimes cars become pancakes

tank-143400_640If a tank I could drive

Man I’d feel so alive

I’d travel all night and day

Try to stop me I blow you away

The tank has a really big gun

I shoot it and you are done

The blast makes such a sight

I laugh with complete delight

cop-156053_640A tank and I’d be so happy

I know it sounds a bit sappy

Just imagine the fun to be had

I guess I enjoy being a bit bad

Now the police want to get involved

I fire once and the problems resolved

No more police to get in my way

But now the army they want to play

explosions-3591_640 (1)A tank has now got me in trouble

It seems I created too much rubble

I was just having a bit of fun

Now my actions have me on the run

See the army they have tanks too

Their saying I’ll get what I’m due

I’ve created such a big mess

I’m scared now I must confess

militarism-152789_640 (1)I thought owning a tank would be great

Instead it has sealed my fate

My destructive days are all done

This time the authorities have won

I might be on my way to jail

But I’ve got quite a tale to tell

Getting caught was never the plan

But I’ll do it all again if I can

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