What if I was missing?

It had been nearly a week since I had seen myself. It wasn’t like me to not show up at work, to not be right there in the middle of the trenches. The others at work didn’t even seem to notice. Were they all so involved in their own lives to not even realize a co worker was missing?

Even at home I was nowhere to be seen. Not out in the yard trimming the trees, not in the driveway washing down the car and not even on the porch kicked back in my deck chair. The place seemed too quiet. The usual sights and sounds were gone.

After the second day I called the police to report myself missing. They seemed to be confused and were harsh with me, telling me it wasn’t something they could help with. Why can’t the police help with a missing person? It’s part of their job and I waited the forty eight hours before filing the report.

I debated calling a Private Investigator, but I am unsure where to find one and I don’t have the money to spend. I know money shouldn’t matter when it comes to finding yourself, but when you have none it always matters.

I thought about placing posters in the neighborhood but what should they say? Again I have nothing for a reward and I’m not sure if people will even notice the posters without one.


Missing. Man of approximately forty years old. Friendly sort that answers to the name of JED and enjoys the occasional beer, just don’t feed him more than three or he may become vicious and bite.

I’m really starting to get worried. This is so unlike myself. I always know where I am going and when I am coming back. This time is different and I’m not sure what to do. Maybe it’s time I started doing some investigating of my own.

I need to speak with the family. See if any of them know anything. I have a few suspicions already, but nothing to pinpoint anything certain. Maybe someone will know a little more about me than I know about myself. If I left willingly, where would I have went and how do we get me back?

I started casing the neighborhood and asking the neighbors questions. I would show them a picture and ask if they had seen the man in the photo. Most of them just looked at me or stared, maybe started laughing a bit and said are you kidding. I’m not sure what’s got them spooked, but no one was talking and most just quickly got away from me.

I guess the social networks are next. I’m starting on this blog and will try to share the search on other places. If you have seen me or know anything that could help me find myself please let me know. No matter how small the detail, anything may help.

4 thoughts on “What if I was missing?

    • I hope so too. I usually don’t stray that far and find my way back quickly. Maybe I’m just wandering somewhere lost looking for the way back.

      You’re welcome.

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