What if your town was invaded by clowns?


Clowns, clowns they’re everywhere!

So many clowns, so much bright hair!

Red noses, frowning faces and really big feet

They line every inch of every single street

Some blow balloons, some do a dance

Others lean over and split their pants

They try their hardest to make others laugh

Hoping for a smile from one of their gaffes

There are just too many, too many clowns

The town seems scared, horror abounds

How do we stop them, they keep multiplying

It’s just not right, the kids are all crying

Can somebody call the clown police

It’s time for the town to have some peace

They gather them up from near and far

I wonder how did they all fit in one police car

Hopefully for now things will settle down

Until next week when the circus comes to town.

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