Okay, What if you were a mug?


This one is so unbelievably whacky that I think I have surpassed even myself. Please note, for the purposes of this challenge a ‘mug’ refers to:

A mug is a type of cup used for drinking hot beverages, such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate or soup

as opposed to:

1.Slang for a fool or someone who will do anything for you if you just ask such open the door, run the shop for you etc.

2.slang for a face which doesn’t really appeal to you, someone ugly

3. Any other other use of the word in any other part of the planet.

If you are still unsure, let me confirm, this is the mug to which I refer and it will also be the basis for this challenge.


If you were this mug, which is essentially a blank canvas, how would you decorate it to let the world know it was in fact yours? What would you add to stop your work colleagues stealing it? What would be your catch phrase or picture?

The beauty of this challenge is that you are not even required to write a post if you choose not to. You can simply leave your answer in the comments. If however you do write a post, please don’t forget to link back to this post so we can all see your creation.

Get thinking and good luck 🙂

25 thoughts on “Okay, What if you were a mug?

  1. Hi, Juls! I would tattoo a picture, a very realistic picture of a cockroach, a big cockroach, on the inside bottom of the mug. People are funny and don’t like bugs…

  2. Hi Juls, interesting question. Here is my response:

    I am glad Juls clarified this as in a coffee mug.
    I would have happily have gone down the mug as in idiot line as I feel I have more to write on in that regard.
    But if I was a coffee mug sort of thing I guess I would look like this.
    There would be six stars in a circle to symbolise my six children, each of whom is unique in his and her own way.
    I would have some symbol to reflect who I am in life, drama masks something like that and my place of origin, Australia.
    Plus I’d put some inscription on it like:
    Quality of life is more important than a life of denial.

  3. This is the only kind of What If? that I can tolerate, besides which, I didn’t even know you had this blog … Why didn’t you tell me?????

    OK, so. What If I were this mug? Let’s see here:

    On one side, the side facing the drinker, I would have a picture of a Hillbilly. On the other side I would have “Everybody Needs A Little Hillbilly In ‘Em! And on the inside bottom I would have a picture of a little hillbilly 😀

  4. Oh my god, I did just this. A few years ago I accidentally left my Fender Guitars coffee mug in the medium security pod at work and when I came back after days off, someone had lifted it. It was never found, so eventually I ordered a new mug from shutterfly, and designed it with my Rob-A-Day photos all over it!

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