About the blog

Okay, what if a guy who has some free time decided to write down his random thoughts and then share them with anyone who would read them? Some of his thoughts might be funny and enjoyable to read and some might just be boring, but every once in a while there might be something to make you think.

I know a lot of bloggers posts will tell you the words “what” and “if” added together will bring up fear, regret or an inability to move forward along with dwelling on the past. I feel like “What if?” can be transformed into humor, entertainment and fun. If you visit this site you’ll most likely smile or chuckle at least once.

What + If = ?

 I say ask the what if questions and have fun with it. Why not explore other possibilities? Why not wonder and let our imagination run wild!

Okay, what if I could be friends with SpongeBob?

Okay, what if I could be friends with SpongeBob?

If you have a comment or question for me (a what if or anything else) or want to talk about a topic please leave me a message here. Thanks for visiting.

22 thoughts on “About the blog

  1. I have nominated your blog as the most influential blog. If you wish to accept it (and I understand if you cannot), here is what you do:

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    You will find the award posted at my blog:http://mholloway63.wordpress.com/2013/11/11/most-influential-blogger-award-nomination/

  2. I completely love this blog and the idea about it! In fact, I think it might have inspired me to write some posts (if I do, all credit clearly goes to you!). Well done on such an amazing idea! x

    • It’s a wonderful thing when you can connect with a concept and enjoy the thoughts it brings about. I just found something that worked for me and have had a lot of fun with it but it’s great to know when others enjoy it as well. Appreciate you stopping in and commenting.

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