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Good evening folks from both myself and Professor Cat. As you might have already guessed it’s time for another challenge should anyone feel inclined.

Thank you to all those who last month shared their ideas for custom mugs, if you were not able to view some of the ideas you can catch up HERE and have a read through the ping backs and comments, there are some interesting and evil ideas.

You guys rock Mug

For this time round, the idea came to me last night, but I needed beauty sleep and lots of it, so I had to put it on hold until this evening.

Are you ready? Okay, What if you went to bed one night and the next morning you awoke to find you were able to do three things that you couldn’t the night before. That can be anything, new skills, new talents, give it your best shot.

You have from now until I put up the next challenge to participate. I don’t believe in deadlines, usually because I miss them!

Happy writing 🙂

Okay, What if you were a mug?


This one is so unbelievably whacky that I think I have surpassed even myself. Please note, for the purposes of this challenge a ‘mug’ refers to:

A mug is a type of cup used for drinking hot beverages, such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate or soup

as opposed to:

1.Slang for a fool or someone who will do anything for you if you just ask such open the door, run the shop for you etc.

2.slang for a face which doesn’t really appeal to you, someone ugly

3. Any other other use of the word in any other part of the planet.

If you are still unsure, let me confirm, this is the mug to which I refer and it will also be the basis for this challenge.


If you were this mug, which is essentially a blank canvas, how would you decorate it to let the world know it was in fact yours? What would you add to stop your work colleagues stealing it? What would be your catch phrase or picture?

The beauty of this challenge is that you are not even required to write a post if you choose not to. You can simply leave your answer in the comments. If however you do write a post, please don’t forget to link back to this post so we can all see your creation.

Get thinking and good luck 🙂

Okay, What If? Challenge – You


I never did get to do my post for the Film challenge, shame on me! Believe me, I would hang my head in shame only I have a sore neck and I wouldn’t be able to see the keyboard.

I’m switching it up today, cos it’s Sunday not Wednesday, a lack of free time means I have to issue forth challenges on any day I have spare, lucky you lot, that day is today!

But first a recap, the theme of the last challenge was film and these awesome people got their thinking caps on and submitted an entry:

Okay, What if? Challenge – Film – As It Is In Heaven | Morpethroad

What If I Got My Ass Kicked By The Avengers?!? | Wee Bit Wordy

If only I could be | Little steps to Somewhere

Thank you to you all 🙂

This week (or two weeks, or however long it runs) the theme is You. As in what if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? There are lots of opportunities with this one, you can change something existing, invent something new or just have a moan because in truth, you bum does look big in that.

As always, please provide a link back in your post to this one, so we can see and read your entries.

Have fun!

Okay, What if? Challenge – Film


Hard to believe a week has passed already isn’t it, well it has and that means it is time for a new Challenge!

Last week I posed the question, Okay, What If I asked you about public transport? Below are the entries received from those who were crazy enough to answer, thanks for joining in!

Conversations on Trains | The Indecisive Eejit

Ever made a whole bus full of people mad at you? | JED’s Playhouse

I’m Watching You | Wee Blue Birdie

My Top 10 Public Transport Moments! | Wee Bit Wordy

Okay, What If? Challenge – Boys Day Out | Morpethroad

A special mention must also go to A Prompt Reply, who although she did not write a piece, provided a link to some very amusing travel pictures. She is to be commended for her evasion tactics.

So on to this weeks challenge:

Okay, what if you walked out your door and into your favourite film. Which one would it be, and why?

You have from now until I decide to put the next challenge up to complete this task. Please remember to add a pingback / link to this the original post so we here at Okay, What If? and others can see your entry.

A point of note, if you’re currently looking at the prompt and going, WTF is this crap, then please feel free to shoot us some ideas of things you feel might indeed float your boat and get you writing!

Good luck one and all, we can’t wait to see your entries.

Okay, What If? Challenge


Okay, what if I told you it had been too long since there was a writing challenge, and that after polling the people in the know, erm, that’s you guys, I’ve realised that  inspiration is a little thin on the ground. So here’s the thing, we need something to get our top boxes ticking, and after consultation with the main man Jed, he has given his permission for me to issue forth a challenge.

Now I know you’re all busy, heck I am too, but no one is asking you to sit down and write war and piece, how about if I give you a topic and you just sit down and blog about the first thing that comes to mind for 5 or 10 minutes. Free thought after all is when we are at our most random.

This challenge will run until I remember have time to put the next one up, hopefully next Wednesday, but I am not going to put restrictions on myself, because I only end up getting stressed and eating cookies.

Ok, so the challenge for this week is as follows:

Okay, What if I asked you about public transport?

It’s deliciously random isn’t it, well you can thank Wee Blue Birdie for that. While discussing challenges the other night she issued this one to me as we both use public transport, and I, being kind and generous decided to pass it on.

There is no doubt that at some time in your life you have had to avail of public transport, how did you find it?  anything funny happen? meet anyone funny? have a bad experience? or even weirder still, if you could invent your own method of public transport what would it be? The limits are endless!

Best of luck, and all that we ask is that you put a ping bank (link) to this post in your own. This means that we here at Okay, What If? and also anyone else visiting this post will be able to see your entry easily. If you are unsure how to place a Ping back (link) into your post, click the highlighted word above to find some instructions from WordPress.

Thank you to all my friends who have given me ideas fro future challenges, if you have an idea you would like to share, please feel free to do so.

Looking forward to seeing your entries 🙂 and please feel free to re-blog this post to let others know.

P.s – I just had to resurrect Professor Cat and the original banner, that in itself is a good enough reason to issue a challenge.

What if I answered just 5 questions?


Image from Wikipedia

The process of asking yourself a What if question is actually a lot harder than it looks. I am in awe of how Jed manages to answer so many and still come up with sensible well written content, I tip my hat to him.

I on the other had have been pondering for a few weeks, the subject matter for my next post and I came up with….nothing, not one single idea! Oh sure I asked myself questions, but I wasn’t able to answer them. So, in a quest to keep my ‘end up’ so to speak on the site, I decided to dive head first into the great pool of the Internet, in search of inspiration.

Apparently, what if questions are a good conversation starter, or if you’re already in the middle, a good way to keep it flowing. Now by conversation starter, I don’t mean it gives you Carte Blanche to walk up to a male / female in a bar and ask “What if I made you breakfast in the morning.” That’s just presumptuous and a total miss use of the What if system. “Hello there, what if I made you breakfast in the morning?” would however have been perfectly acceptable, for some weird reason.

There are a vast array of questions out there, some of which made me cringe, some of which made me blush, which is actually incredibly hard to do. A fair few have actually already been covered by Jed here on this very site, which just goes to prove the scope of the mans talent. I am going to give you a run down of my top 5!

What if you could be a bird, what bird would you choose to be?

I’m breaking myself in gently here, that would of course have to be a penguin. Let’s face it, had I chosen any other type, the people in my life who have been buying me penguin related merchandise for years would be a little put out, they might also attempt repossession.

Penguins – what’s not to love, the little black and white bird with wings that cannot fly, uses them as flippers instead to cut through icy water like a torpedo. I might have to rethink meal times though, I would not be a lover of raw fish, despite how cute Pingu made it look!

What if you could do any job, what would you do?

I’d be a lorry driver, or a pilot, even though I cannot drive and the only time I ever flew, was over the handlebars of my friends bike when I was about 14.

What if someones underwear was showing, would you tell them?

Hmm, I had to ponder this one for a while. There are a couple of scenarios.

  • Lady leaves public restrooms. Her skirt has somehow become caught in her waistband and her granny pants are on show for all to see. Do I say anything? Hell yes, I mean I would want someone to repay that favor, were the situation reversed.
  • Young gentleman, wearing jeans that are much closer to hell than they are heaven. Do I say anything? Hell no, never again, been there, done that, got the t shirt. The reply was “Thanks Grandma, don’t you know that’s the fashion these days.” I do now sunshine, thanks, now give Mr Klein his underwear back before he notices they are gone.
What if you woke up in bed and saw a huge spider walking over you, what would you do?

Scream, then scream a little bit more. I also might throw in a couple of eeks for good measure. I’m not actually scared of spiders, but for the purpose of this question I am assuming that huge means HUGE and it’s about the size of a dinner plate, and no one wants to be faced with that bad boy when just waking up!

What if your cell phone fell in the toilet, what would you do?

Flush! and then wash my hands, because hygiene is really important.

I’d then wait about 3 weeks and ring it to see if anyone answered. After having my 20 minute telephone conversation with Tina from Timbucktoo, I’d get get straight onto the Patenting office about my new invention “The Modern Day Message In A Bottle”

What about you, what’s your best What if question?

What if I bought a goat?

I have a love hate relationship with my lawn. I love looking out the window and seeing it all green and freshly mowed, but I hate cutting it.

Up until last year we had a mower that was affectionately named ‘Bitsa’, because it was bits and pieces of other people’s old ones.  On the last cut of the year, Bitsa ate too much grass and unfortunately gave her last gasp and collapsed. You have no idea how glad I am that I was not the one pushing her on until her last slice, oh no, that fell to the fathership, who was just glad he had about 5 months to source out a suitable alternative.

lawn bike

The cut and shunt approach. (Image by Lee Coursey)

I’d been fairly lucky that due to my accident I was unable to mow the lawn for a while and as it was approaching that time of year again, the Fathership decided that perhaps another cut and shunt machine was not the way to go, and purchased a self drive lawnmower. Well after taking it for a test drive I can confirm that for this year anyway I am still unable to mow the lawn.


Image by DuffDudeX1

I am pretty sure it is tanked up on the gardening worlds version of Nitrous Oxide as if you pull the lever up to far you find yourself hanging on for dear life as the machine does a lap of the garden. Now I know (before you tell me), that if you let the lever go then the mower will stop, but as it gathers speed and panic sets in, the natural instinct is to grip tighter and that’s just what I did. Even the Fathership agreed that I was not ready this year, although to be fair I think he was more worried about his new mower than me.

So I look at him trudging around the garden well into his three score years and ten and I think, there has to be another way. My solution? Well I think I should buy a goat and name it Billy.


Image by By Kickme1138

Goats are extremely curious and intelligent. They are also very coordinated and widely known for their ability to climb and hold their balance in the most precarious places.

Well that’s perfect, Billy will have no problem climbing the steps into the grassy area at the top of the garden to feast on the delights that await him there.

Goats have an intensely inquisitive and intelligent nature; they will explore anything new or unfamiliar in their surroundings.

If he does happen to get out and venture into other peoples gardens I will make the whole thing as simple as possible by simply charging a flat rate for his gardening skills. I may occasionally have to offset that again the cost of new fencing, or flowers etc, but I am confident I will still turn a profit.

Goats are reputed to be willing to eat almost anything, including tin cans and cardboard boxes.

Bingo. So a lawn containing some weeds will be no problem for my Billy and perhaps over time I can train him to assist with the recycling.

Goat breeders clubs frequently hold shows, where goats are judged on traits relating to conformationudder quality, evidence of high production, longevity, build,  muscling and fibre production. (edited)

Well I think that’s udderly ridiculous. I’ll stick a summer hat on Billy and put him in the garden and show him off to the neighbourhood children, for a modest entrance fee of course. Goat’s don’t come cheap you know.

I think I’m onto a winner here, what say you in the great Lawnmower verses Goat debate?

(Quotes from Wikipedia. Some may have been edited)