What if you were invited to Foolishlandia?

mvchallengeThe what if writing challenge has been suspended, but the new Multiverse Fiction Challenge is just getting started. This month you are invited into the universe of Foolishlandia, a place just as crazy as the name makes it sound.

Come on over to the new challenge site and follow, comment or add your take on the latest challenge prompt. Twice a month we will be hopping to a new universe and seeing the way other worldly beings spend their lives.

With your help we can explore the multiverse together. What secrets will we uncover and what exciting stories will we tell? Come on over and lets get started on our journey!

News on the What if? writing challenge – Updates – The end?

The February writing challenge two-fer is still running and needs a little participation. You still have until February 27th to add your link and tell us your take on What if you went viral? or What if you discovered a new civilization? Just click the link above and add your post to the inlinks link-up provided there. You can then come back on February 28th and vote for your three favorite posts.

After much debate and inner turmoil I have decided to suspend the What if? challenges once this one is complete. The past challenges are all still open and you can add a link to them if you see one you would like to do.

I have been trying to decide for a couple months now the best way to handle the decline in participants on the most recent challenges. It appears to me that they may be getting a bit lost or muddled up with the regular daily posts on the Okay, What if? blog. For this reason I debated moving them to their own blog dedicated only to the challenge.

After a little more thought I decided this too could cause a bit of confusion between the two blogs and may lead to problems separating the two. For this reason I chose to suspend the What if? challenges for now. Please let me say to all those that have participated to this point I really appreciate your support and the joy you have brought me and others with your challenge responses.

Since I have enjoyed the ability to put forth a challenge and read others takes on said challenge I do not want to give it up completely quite that easily. I have made the decision to begin a fresh challenge with it’s very own dedicated site. It is very similar to my former challenges but should have it’s own identity.

Please take a moment to pop over to my new challenge site Multiverse Fiction Challenge and hit the follow button. There is not a challenge up yet but there will be very soon. By hitting that follow button you will be among the first to know when it is posted and it will also let me know I have made a good decision.

Again, thank you all for your support. Please let me know if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions. I would love to hear your opinions.

Update on the What if challenge? Week sixteen

frostyThe challenge this week was to re-write a Christmas tune. I’m sure everyone has probably done this at some point but it doesn’t seem like most want to blog about it. We did get four superb entries from four excellent bloggers. Between them they brought us two new versions of The Twelve Days of Christmas and two new versions of Jingle Bells.
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Update on the What if challenge? Week fifteen

santaSanta wasn’t extremely talkative this week, but he did visit a few blogs and gave some insight into the holiday season. Nothing was off topic and he was willing to answer all the questions he was asked.

If you want to know what he had to say you should check out the challenge responses listed below. Hopefully we didn’t cause too much commotion at the North Pole and he can get right back to work on a great Christmas.

Update on the What if challenge? Week Thirteen

handshake-46200_640This week I think maybe most of us were too busy being thankful to spend time posting about being thankful. We did get three really great responses though that were extremely fun to read. If you haven’t already checked them out please take a minute to do so. I think you will enjoy it.

Check back tomorrow for this weeks challenge and let’s see what happens when you hypnotize someone. Wait, did I let just this week’s topic slip? Oh well, I guess it’s out now. Come back tomorrow for the official post and then link up with your takes.

Update on the What if challenge? Week twelve

Can you believe this is week twelve of the What if writing challenge? In those twelve weeks we have seen just over a hundred posts inspired by the challenge. We’ve written about clones, dragons, our evil sides, mad scientists, spying, scary times and more. I hope everyone has had just as much fun with it as I have. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far and those who have read and liked the responses.

2672889152_0fa1bf6ebc_nNow to this week. I asked you to speak your mind, What if you said what you really thought? This was a very interesting thought and I enjoyed reading your responses. There was some debate in a couple posts about whether the need to keep your thoughts hidden was a part of what keeps society from crumbling or it we would be better off if we always said what we thought. I think it’s great when you’re still thinking about the subject after you finished writing your post or reading someone else’s.

If you want to see what everyone spent their time speaking about this week please check out these great responses to the challenge. Then head back over here tomorrow to try your hand at the next one.

Update on the What if challenge? Week eleven

glass-32225_640I guess not everybody is excited about the chance to spy on someone else. Maybe that’s a good thing, there’s enough spying going on already. In this weeks challenge I asked What if you could own your own spy drone? We did get four five very interesting responses. but I had hoped for more.

Still I appreciate those that linked up and recommend you check them out if you haven’t already. I have decided this week to change the Challenge start date to Monday so I will have a new challenge up tomorrow morning.