What if the apocalypse wasn’t so popular?

Why is it that as a species, humans are so intrigued by the thought of the apocalypse? No matter the form, the end of everything as we know it is written about, talked about or debated on almost constantly. It’s not only the religious aspects of the apocalypse such as the four horsemen either, it’s every possible scenario we can find.

I’ve even been guilty of indulging in the end of times myself. Two of my favorite TV shows either revolve around or have themes that use the apocalypse as subject matter. The Walking Dead is one of the most popular television series out now or recently and it is nothing but constant death and pain during a Zombie Apocalypse. Supernatural has visited and re-visited almost every possible scenario of a biblical apocalypse, went past it and found new ways to create the possible end to civilization. The thing is, I enjoy almost every minute of these shows and their end it all stories.

On several occasions on my blogs I’ve been known to mention the forthcoming Robot Apocalypse. Machines are one day almost surely going to develop into an artificial intelligence that enslaves mankind. Why is it I feel this way? Maybe because I have seen or heard stories about this possibility almost my entire life. The ways may be different, but the result is almost always the same. Robots will enslave us!
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What if the zombie apocalypse starts in Detroit?

Okay, what if the zombie apocalypse starts in Detroit? This week Detroit has been in the news for the city’s bankruptcy filings and for years we’ve been hearing about the decay of Detroit from a once great, thriving city. Along with the loss of industry the city’s stories include the number of murders and crime that take place every year.

If there is going to be a zombie uprising, wouldn’t this be an ideal place for it to start? The corpse’s are plenty to fill their ranks and with all the decaying and abandoned buildings there are plenty of places for hordes of zombies to gather. They could be quietly attacking people even as you read this.

If you heard dire news of a weird plague or massive death tolls coming out of Detroit would you pay attention or even care? The end may have already started and by the time we realize it could be too late!


Although I’m not a firm believer that zombies will destroy us all (my theory includes aliens) I have decided a trip to Detroit is not in any future plans. If you are a native of Detroit and read this please know I mean no disrespect to your city, this was just one of my random thoughts I decided to share. Please stay safe and zombie free.