What if the time’s they were a changing?

It’s just a few days until the new year and what a year it’s been. I’m still just as poor as I was the year before, still working at the same job, still married to my same loving wife and I’m still as good looking as ever but now I can call myself a blogger. After six months of posts, building a following and then even establishing a second blog I feel comfortable saying I’m a blogger.

thoughts-101033_150I haven’t written a book yet and I don’t write for any sites other than my own but that doesn’t matter. I enjoy the ability to share my thoughts with others in this great big blogging world more than I could have ever imagined. Something about hitting that publish button, then seeing that little symbol in the corner of the screen light up with a like or a thought makes me happy. When I see the trophy symbol or the squiggly arrow show up I get super excited.
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What if I felt like a successful blogger?

Money, money, money Not Success!

Money, money, money
Not Success!

What if I felt like a successful blogger? A bloggie? A blog enthusiast? A blog connoisseur? A simple guy with a blog? A guy who thinks he is funny trying to make others believe with my blog?

Okay, I’ll stop. Sorry about that I’m going to get to the purpose of my post now.

Today’s Daily Prompt: Secret of Success asks What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger”? Is that something you strive for?

I want to say I already feel like a successful blogger. Now if you consider successful to mean I make a lot of money and get my message out to millions of people everyday then my little blog wouldn’t fit the category. If instead you consider success to be doing something you enjoy doing, involving others, making friends and sharing a bit of yourself with them everyday then I have become an instant success story over the last two months.

In my previous post I chose to toot my own horn and talked about how if someone had told me what I would accomplish with my blog by now I would have fell in the floor laughing. But it has happened and for what this blog has become I am extremely proud. If you don’t call that success then what would you call it.

If at some point I was chosen to write for a paid gig, was able to make money off my blog, write a book and have it published or someone chose to highlight my writings on a major forum it would make me a happy guy, but it’s not what I would call success.

Now if I hit the publish button, feel like I’ve given a little of myself with what I wrote, have others read and enjoy it and I get to comment about the post with others then I consider it a successful day.

Want to know what my most recent success is? Well you just finished reading it.

I hope you enjoyed it. Now let’s talk about it a little!

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