What if we started a Blog Fight Club? Part Two

Okay I received a lot of positive response to my initial idea to start a blog fight club. I have done a little behind the scenes work and a little more thinking on the subject.

I picked up the blog name http://blogfightclub.wordpress.com and have done an initial layout. I plan to lose the wordpress part but the money just won’t allow it right now and I’m nowhere near ready for launch.

My initial idea for bracketed type challenges is still a good possibility, but I have also been thinking about the possibility of blogger challenging blogger to a blog-off. Maybe a debate style head to head matchup about a particular subject with one side for and one side against. The fight could be announced and promoted on blog Fight Club and then each blogger post on their own site.

There is also a possibility of picking two comparable subjects and having bloggers pick sides until a winner is announced. I participated in a tug of war on The Matticus Kingdom between Marvel Comics and DC a few months back that worked this way. It was a lot of fun and could work on this new site as well.

Just a few more ideas I have been working on. If you have any of your own please let me know. If you want to step over and check out the layout of the new blog you can, just know it is in a construction phase.

I will add another update when I have more info or any decisions have been made. Thank you to everyone for their support.

What if we started a blog fight club?

Okay I had this really weird thought on the way home today. It started out with a bit of silliness trying to think about a good blog post. Somehow I started thinking about fight club (not at all sure why, haven’t seen it in years) and it wiggled it’s way into my blog thoughts.

Next thing I know I’m paraphrasing the famous movie line “The first rule of blog fight club is, you tell everybody about blog fight club!”. Then I just started giggling at myself until suddenly I thought That could actually make a real, entertaining adventure for us bloggers!

blogfightSo let me explain a little bit about the way I think it could work. Let’s use a bracket style concept and say we start with sixteen blogs. Each blogger writes about the same subject but using their own style. They hold their post and don’t publish until told their bracket spot is active. Continue reading

What if I highlighted a couple new blogs for you?

I don’t normally do this but seeing as the What if thought juice was running a little dry this week (I couldn’t quite get a regular post written) I figured why not! I have a couple brand new blogs to tell you about.

First off I need to introduce you to a Fictionally Fabulous Character created by our very own Indecisive Eeejit. May Dupp had so much spirit she worked her way right into her very own blog. Please take a minute to visit The Misadventures of May Dupp and show her some follower love!


Next is a creation from my own mind. I have been known to, on occasion, go on a ranting fit. If I find the right thing I can easily let out a few sentences about just how much it has annoyed me. The problem is I normally either don’t say it or just mumble it under my breath. So I figured, why not say it on a blog!

Please head over and join the ranting on The Ranting Never Stops. I want it to be not only my place to go and rant, but a place for others to share their rants as well. You can be a follower and just enjoy the rants or be a contributor and share yours. Just check out the contact page to find out how. angry-mob1

A couple new places to get your chills and thrills, or to just enjoy a fun blog post. Thanks for stopping in and please check out these new sites.

What if you were invited to Foolishlandia?

mvchallengeThe what if writing challenge has been suspended, but the new Multiverse Fiction Challenge is just getting started. This month you are invited into the universe of Foolishlandia, a place just as crazy as the name makes it sound.

Come on over to the new challenge site and follow, comment or add your take on the latest challenge prompt. Twice a month we will be hopping to a new universe and seeing the way other worldly beings spend their lives.

With your help we can explore the multiverse together. What secrets will we uncover and what exciting stories will we tell? Come on over and lets get started on our journey!

Results on the February What if? writing challenge

February What if? writing challenge two-fer

What if you went viral?

What if you discovered a lost civilization?

The challenge has ended and with it took a piece of the blog. Thank you to all those who have participated in my What if? challenges but for now, this is the final installment.

The votes are in and we had a three way tie this time with the votes going to

whatif2The Gateway | Musings of a Soul Eclectic

The Others (Short Story) | A Mom’s Blog

Quarrying for a new civilization | mbarkersimpson

Some great posts for the final challenge. If you would like to go back and visit any of the former challenges they will remain on the blog and open for new comments or pingbacks.

If you are still interested in a writing challenge please visit the new one I have started at Multiverse Fiction Challenge. New challenges will be posted every Monday.

Weekly what if writing challenge 02/10/2014

It’s time for the latest Weekly what if writing challenge and I hope it will be a fun one this week. It’s the first weekly challenge I’ve posted in a while and runs alongside the monthly challenge.

For this one I want to know

Glasses never fail to conceal your true identity

Glasses never fail to conceal your true identity

What if you were a Super-Zero?

Let me explain. I want you to imagine you are a super-hero or villain but I don’t want to know anything about your heroism, your abilities or how you got them. I want you to tell me about your average joe alter-ego.

If you had extreme powers or were a flying alien would you create an alternate, everyday persona? Would you want to be a reporter, a photographer or run a distinguished school?

Is there a need for hiding in plain sight? If so why do you think this way? What do you believe would be the best way to spend your off days? How would you disguise your identity?

Lets have some fun at the expense of all the Super-Powered beings out there. Please add whatifchallenge as a tag for your post and link to this challenge post to create a pingback.

Comments are closed on these challenges and you have until midnight EST on Saturday to get your challenge post in. Any questions please email me at thoughts@okaywhatif.com

Don’t forget about the February what if writing challenge two-fer. You have until February 27th to get your response in before voting starts.

Febuary What if writing challenge two-fer

I want to start by saying thank you to all those who have been very supportive to my What if? challenges so far and say welcome to those of you new to the blog. Since adding a few new contributors at the first of the year the blog readership is growing rapidly and for that I am grateful and a little overwhelmed. I hope to keep everyone entertained well into the future but I sometimes require a bit of inspiration myself and that’s where the challenges and your responses to them come in. I really enjoy seeing the creative spins everyone puts on a subject that I have set out in front of them.

Last month I asked you to tell me how you would react if you discovered a space ship in your neighbor’s garage. We received ten very fun submissions but the voting nailed down a single winner. Congratulations goes to Zainab at A Mom’s Blog for her post There’s a space-ship in my neighbor’s garage.  Please feel free to display your win using button provided (not required)wicwThe other submissions are all worthy of a read as well and can be found on the original challenge post here.

For February I have decided to give you a challenge two-fer. I have two different challenge ideas and you can decide if you want to answer one or both. That means each person can submit two separate entries into the challenge but there will only be one winning post at the end of the month barring a tie.

Challenge question 1: What if you went viral?

I want to get inside other bloggers heads and find out what your opinion on a post going viral is. Viral means the post is read and shared by thousands upon thousands of viewers. It would have found a way to get people excited and want to share it with others. What I want to know is if you would want to have this happen or if it has already happened what your thoughts about it were. What post did you write thinking it had a chance or what did you not write because you didn’t want the attention. Give us a little insight into the mind of a blogger.

Challenge question 2: What if you discovered a lost civilization? 

So the first challenge question is about the thoughts of a blogger, but the creativity that bloggers show with fictional scenarios seem to be a better fit sometimes here with my What if challenges. So I want to know what, how and where you discovered a new civilization. Was there a weird tiny race living inside the tree trunk in your backyard or did you travel to the amazon jungle and find a lost tribe? The more creative the better but let us know what and how you found these previously undiscovered people. Do they have a purpose or are they just trying to keep to themselves?

You can add your challenge responses to the linky tool with the little blue monster at the bottom of this post. Please add the tag whatifchallenge to make the post easier to find in the reader. Challenge will start on February 3rd and continue all month until February 27th. Voting will be open all day on February 28th with three votes for each person.

I’m looking forward to some interesting, creative and inspiring posts to keep my February a month to remember. So let’s have a little fun together and share our creativity. If you have any questions or ideas for me please email me at thoughts@okaywhatif.com