What if it was a time to be thankful?

It would seem the Holidays have snuck up on us for another year. Turkey day is right around the corner followed by celebrations of almost every form and including most everyone on earth. Whether it’s Happy Holidays, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas or Season’s Greeting’s the days ahead will be about family and time spent together.

I figured it was a great time for me to talk about being thankful but decided on a blog called Okay, What if? I needed to do it a little differently. So the following is a short list of what if’s for the holidays that make me thankful for what I have.


turkey-152050_6401) What if I didn’t get to stuff myself full of great food? What if I didn’t love ham and turkey so much? What if sweets were not a part of holiday events?


2) What if I didn’t have a home to sleep in? What if my decorations were pinned to a cardboard box? What if my neighbors were the furry critters living on the street?


3) What if I didn’t have great friends and family to share the holidays with? What if I was alone? What if I was lost with no where to go?


4) What if Santa hadn’t visited me as a child? What if he hadn’t been there for me as an adult as well? What if my parents hadn’t taught me that receiving is nice, but giving is what makes the holidays a celebration?


christmas-ornament-498616_6405) What if I hadn’t met my loving wife? What if she wasn’t willing to put up with my silliness? What if I didn’t love her so much?


6) What if a little more than a year ago I hadn’t started blogging? What if my stories and thoughts were still stuck in my head? What if I hadn’t found so many friends among the other bloggers?



I think it’s a good start to the season but I know I may think of more.

I really want to send a thank you to those who have made my days as a blogger so much fun.

What if you could visit the north pole on New Year’s?

Have you ever wondered what Santa and all those elves do once Christmas is over? I’m sure there is plenty to keep them busy most of the year preparing for the upcoming season, but for one week from the end of Christmas day to the final hours of New Year’s there has got to be one kick-ass party going on!

woman-160501_150I can almost see the workshop stripped of all the toys and replaced with case upon case of alcohol. Santa probably sends the reindeer and his sleigh out to bring in a whole group of tattooed bartenders and exotic dancers to help relive some of the built up stress of the season. Each night I’m sure there are great bands and musical guests rockin the North Pole.

The security needs to be top notch so it’s provided by the secret service. Elves tend to get violent after six straight nights of drinking and partying, but it’s good for them to get it out of their systems. It always makes the next several months of near non-stop work more pleasant for everyone.
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What if Santa took sacrifices?

What started as a normal conversation about Christmas between me and my sister today turned into a weird thought. I started wondering how Santa came across all those little elves willing to work so hard to make gifts for the world they would never get to see. Why are these elves willing to work long hours and live in the coldest part of the world?

My sister mentioned a sacrifice for Santa and I think she was originally making a joke about the cookies left on Christmas eve, but it got my mind working. What if Santa’s elves are really kidnapped or sacrificed children that have been forced to work as Santa’s slaves. They have been magically transformed into immortal toy making machines.

Santa_ClausI know this doesn’t seem like the normal cheery Christmas thoughts but my mind does tend to wander beyond the normal realm every so often. If a kid is naughty enough during the year and a stocking full of coal is not good enough, Santa stops by, stuffs the kid in his sack and carries it back to the North Pole. It seems like a legitimate possibility.
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What if it was Christmas?

What if it was Christmas and you didn’t know
What if you slipped and fell in the snow

What if you lost all of your Christmas cheer
What if you forget to stop and get the beer

What if your family celebrated without you
What if you only had one shoe

What if the reindeers flew right by
What if you got gravy in your eyechristmas-157223_150

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Update on the What if challenge? Week sixteen

frostyThe challenge this week was to re-write a Christmas tune. I’m sure everyone has probably done this at some point but it doesn’t seem like most want to blog about it. We did get four superb entries from four excellent bloggers. Between them they brought us two new versions of The Twelve Days of Christmas and two new versions of Jingle Bells.
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What if your pets are celebrating Christmas without you?

Me and the wife currently have a total of four pets (three dogs and a cat). I realized today, after all the shopping and holiday hustling around that we didn’t buy a single thing for our pets. Now of course they get treated very well on a daily basis with a high quality food, snacks every day and a warm comfortable bed of their own to sleep on (although they still normally try and mostly succeed to find there way onto our bed). As a matter of fact if we added it up I believe the cost of their food and snacks on several weeks is more than ours.

So we are bringing in the shopping bags and there are all four of them just sitting very quietly staring at us with a look of disappointment and it hit me. Are they wondering where all the gifts for them were? Are they looking forward to Christmas in hopes of a new ball to play with, a new cushion to tear the stuffing out of or maybe even a new more decorative litter box? What have we done? How can I disappoint those sad puppy dog eyes?

11020071134_2ffa4fa3bc_nOf course as I was thinking all this the four of them stood up, turned their backs on me in unison and marched out of the room. So now I’m wondering if they have become upset and have decided to just have their own Christmas gathering without us. It seems every time I walk in a room they are gathered together but immediately separate once I arrive. The kitty keeps knocking decorations off the tree and they seem to disappear. Is she collecting her own decorations?
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What if Santa’s sleigh had a flat magical tire?

So if you were traveling along the roadways on Christmas Eve and saw a man in a red suit standing beside a Red Sleigh would you stop? What if Santa and his reindeers were broken down and in need of a helpful hand, would you be willing to lend yours? Or would you just keep right on driving by hoping no one would notice?

christmas-220170_150It’s just a sad thing that in today’s world the idea of actually stopping and helping out someone in need is a rarity. There are so many reasons not to. Among them the idea that the person who needs help could just be looking for a sucker. Someone willing to stop that they could take advantage of, or rob, or worse.
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