Okay What If? – New Skillz


Good evening folks from both myself and Professor Cat. As you might have already guessed it’s time for another challenge should anyone feel inclined.

Thank you to all those who last month shared their ideas for custom mugs, if you were not able to view some of the ideas you can catch up HERE and have a read through the ping backs and comments, there are some interesting and evil ideas.

You guys rock Mug

For this time round, the idea came to me last night, but I needed beauty sleep and lots of it, so I had to put it on hold until this evening.

Are you ready? Okay, What if you went to bed one night and the next morning you awoke to find you were able to do three things that you couldn’t the night before. That can be anything, new skills, new talents, give it your best shot.

You have from now until I put up the next challenge to participate. I don’t believe in deadlines, usually because I miss them!

Happy writing 🙂

Okay, What if? Challenge – Film


Hard to believe a week has passed already isn’t it, well it has and that means it is time for a new Challenge!

Last week I posed the question, Okay, What If I asked you about public transport? Below are the entries received from those who were crazy enough to answer, thanks for joining in!

Conversations on Trains | The Indecisive Eejit

Ever made a whole bus full of people mad at you? | JED’s Playhouse

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My Top 10 Public Transport Moments! | Wee Bit Wordy

Okay, What If? Challenge – Boys Day Out | Morpethroad

A special mention must also go to A Prompt Reply, who although she did not write a piece, provided a link to some very amusing travel pictures. She is to be commended for her evasion tactics.

So on to this weeks challenge:

Okay, what if you walked out your door and into your favourite film. Which one would it be, and why?

You have from now until I decide to put the next challenge up to complete this task. Please remember to add a pingback / link to this the original post so we here at Okay, What If? and others can see your entry.

A point of note, if you’re currently looking at the prompt and going, WTF is this crap, then please feel free to shoot us some ideas of things you feel might indeed float your boat and get you writing!

Good luck one and all, we can’t wait to see your entries.

Okay, What If? Challenge


Okay, what if I told you it had been too long since there was a writing challenge, and that after polling the people in the know, erm, that’s you guys, I’ve realised that  inspiration is a little thin on the ground. So here’s the thing, we need something to get our top boxes ticking, and after consultation with the main man Jed, he has given his permission for me to issue forth a challenge.

Now I know you’re all busy, heck I am too, but no one is asking you to sit down and write war and piece, how about if I give you a topic and you just sit down and blog about the first thing that comes to mind for 5 or 10 minutes. Free thought after all is when we are at our most random.

This challenge will run until I remember have time to put the next one up, hopefully next Wednesday, but I am not going to put restrictions on myself, because I only end up getting stressed and eating cookies.

Ok, so the challenge for this week is as follows:

Okay, What if I asked you about public transport?

It’s deliciously random isn’t it, well you can thank Wee Blue Birdie for that. While discussing challenges the other night she issued this one to me as we both use public transport, and I, being kind and generous decided to pass it on.

There is no doubt that at some time in your life you have had to avail of public transport, how did you find it?  anything funny happen? meet anyone funny? have a bad experience? or even weirder still, if you could invent your own method of public transport what would it be? The limits are endless!

Best of luck, and all that we ask is that you put a ping bank (link) to this post in your own. This means that we here at Okay, What If? and also anyone else visiting this post will be able to see your entry easily. If you are unsure how to place a Ping back (link) into your post, click the highlighted word above to find some instructions from WordPress.

Thank you to all my friends who have given me ideas fro future challenges, if you have an idea you would like to share, please feel free to do so.

Looking forward to seeing your entries 🙂 and please feel free to re-blog this post to let others know.

P.s – I just had to resurrect Professor Cat and the original banner, that in itself is a good enough reason to issue a challenge.

What if I highlighted a couple new blogs for you?

I don’t normally do this but seeing as the What if thought juice was running a little dry this week (I couldn’t quite get a regular post written) I figured why not! I have a couple brand new blogs to tell you about.

First off I need to introduce you to a Fictionally Fabulous Character created by our very own Indecisive Eeejit. May Dupp had so much spirit she worked her way right into her very own blog. Please take a minute to visit The Misadventures of May Dupp and show her some follower love!


Next is a creation from my own mind. I have been known to, on occasion, go on a ranting fit. If I find the right thing I can easily let out a few sentences about just how much it has annoyed me. The problem is I normally either don’t say it or just mumble it under my breath. So I figured, why not say it on a blog!

Please head over and join the ranting on The Ranting Never Stops. I want it to be not only my place to go and rant, but a place for others to share their rants as well. You can be a follower and just enjoy the rants or be a contributor and share yours. Just check out the contact page to find out how. angry-mob1

A couple new places to get your chills and thrills, or to just enjoy a fun blog post. Thanks for stopping in and please check out these new sites.

What if we could weather our moods?

4 emoticonsThere are apps for many things and emoticons to capture almost every situation we encounter. In text messages they help us to gauge the mood of the sender, whether it be a thumbs up, smiley face, confused look or tears. There is something for everything and if not, there is always adaptation.

But what if you were able to display your mood with the use of the weather, in almost the same way the weather has a similar effect on you.

This week I have heard a lot of people remarking how great it is to see the lighter nights returning, This along with the little bit of dry weather we have had, has left them feeling energized and raring to go. Those people, in my head, were proudly sporting a little sunshine symbol and infecting everyone they passed with  good cheer.

In fact, let me make it really simple, here is a breakdown of all the usual, more well known symbols.

Our Moods as Weather Symbols



Happiness just radiates from your pores and you cannot help but infect those around you. Your infectious and bubbly demeanor will have others making hay while the sun shines.



It’s hard to tell how you’re going to feel today. There is a chance that the mood could lift, leaving way for a little happiness to poke through, but there is also the potential for rain. Best to proceed with caution.


Sun and Rain

It wouldn’t take much to tip you over the edge today. It’s most likely one of those days where you have lots of fun but in the background you can hear the voice of reasoning whisper in your ear “It’s all going to end in tears” Take things easy and try to allow the sun to shine as much as possible.


Thunder and clouds

Approach with caution. If in doubt run for your life.


Sun with medium ice.

Most specifically aimed at women. She’s really nice and bright with everyone else, but you’re in the bad books and most definitely feeling the frostier side of her nature.



You’re sleeping on the sofa. It’s going to be a long cold night.


And I know you’re dying to ask how I am feeling today, well that’s simple, as usual everything is a little foggy in the top box 🙂


(Credit and thanks to D3stroy from Deviant Art, who designed the gorgeous little weather app symbols.)

What if we could make the world dance?

I’ve been captivated by this show on Sky called ‘Ashley Banjo’s Big Town Dance’. For anyone who does not know who this particular gentleman is, well he’s the lead dancer and choreographer which a street dance crew called ‘Diversity’, he’s also rather cute, which certainly does not detract from the show’s likability.


Oooo I say, he’s rather fit!

In the show, his intention is to bring together a whole town through the power of dance. To form crews, he pulls people of various ages from a diverse range of occupations and sectors.

It’s been fun watching how all the people interact, especially those who never would have before, for example, pupils and teachers, eventually coming together as a unit to complete the task.

There is no doubt that music is a good mood influencer and there are few people who when presented with a good tune will not show some kind of appreciation, be it with a toe tap, or a shake of the booty! I don’t have a bucket list but you can be assured that if I did, being part of a flash mob would be somewhere near the top.

The vibe and the mood within the WordPress community has been very subdued of late, I’m as guilty as anyone else. That said, I might have lost my voice by my toes are still tapping. So what if we all got up and danced?

Think of the benefits, in fact, to save you having to think at all, here are the benefits:

  • Exercise – We’re always being told we need to do more, but the trials and tribulations of everyday life don’t leave us an awful lot of free time. So just stick on a tune and dance around the chair in your office, pulling a few of your co-workers to their feet for good measure.
  • Social Skills Improvement – Dance round your handbag or man bag in a shopping centre. If at least one person comes up and asks you if you have lost the plot, then you have fulfilled your goal by interacting with a total stranger. If they then call the police and you get arrested, even better, you’ll fulfill your whole week’s quota in just one day!
  • Save time on housework – Dancing gets the old endorphins flowing meaning that you can do all the cleaning in double quick time. Another quick tip is to stick two cleaning cloths onto your derrière with double sided sticky tape, meaning you can dust as you dance. If however you have a lot of ornaments that are of sentimental value, this method is not recommended.
  • Meeting new people – When you dance in public, you might feel like you’re crazy. It’s also a given that everyone else will think you are crazy, but don’t stop. Crazy is infectious and there is always some other eejit out there who is brave enough to join in. Eventually you will feel like a shepherd adding wee sheepsies to your flock. You can even form your own Baaaa…d Ass Crew!
dancing sheep

Yee haaaaa!

So you see, dancing has a lot of benefits and handled correctly could indeed unite the whole world. So the next time you feel your toe starting to tap, stand up and give it all a wiggle instead. A wiggle a day keeps the Doctor away!

What if I met a Mermaid?

If you remember a couple of weeks back I told you about the time I got sucked down a plughole, a both terrifying and enlightening experience. At the end of the journey when I skimmed out of the sewer pipe and into the deep blue ocean, what should I see before me but a Mermaid. Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s something along the lines of how did I know what I was looking at. I’ve seen enough films to know and to be fair the whole half woman, half fish thing kind of gave it away.

I had always thought Mermaids were Sirens of the Sea, portrayed in Greek mythology as beautiful yet dangerous creatures who lured sailors to their death with femme fatal looks and enchanting song. The one floating in front of me looked a little less daunting I am thankful to say.

Image by: Junie Crystal

Image by: Junie Crystal

She was made up of parts of all the things I had ever imagined. Long flowing blond hair that swirled about her head as she gracefully floated to and fro. The pale skin of her face glowing with just a hint of colour at her cheeks. Now guys, I am sorry, but for you I will have to ruin the imagine currently forming in your heads, because she had two rather large seashells covering her modesty. I can tell you this pleased me as much as it no doubt displeases you.

Her lower body though has to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Almost golden like scales overlapping each other in a delicate pattern around her, creating the impression of legs that merged into the most beautiful tail, the fin of which flicked effortlessly keeping her poised and steady.

I rubbed my eyes, not once, but twice. You can imagine I’m sure, that I was having a little trouble processing this vision before me. but then again I did just get sucked down a plughole!

What do you say to a mermaid,  I mean is it Miss or Ms, for all I know she could be married to the guy with the trident, who’s name I forget at this present moment in time, I think it’s Naptime or was it Neptune. I’m pretty sure it’s one of those two.

Just as I was about to open my mouth to speak I saw her looking towards the surface of the water. Offering her hand to me, she said “You must come with me.” In that instant I had a flash of all that I was leaving behind. Suddenly an empty flat whose bath had a magic plughole didn’t seem so appealing any more.

The Mermaid, now agitated, beckoned a little more urgently as she again looked towards  the sky. Stretching my hand forward to grasp hers, I felt the brush of her fingers as I was suddenly ripped upwards and away from her outstretched hand, by someone else’s.

“It’s ok Miss, we’ve got you, you’re safe now.” came a rasping voice.

Glancing back I saw a golden tail disappear into the darkness of the deep blue sea. I never did get to ask her name.