What if everyone’s stuffed animals came to life and attacked?

plush-toys-79969_150I was sitting in my living room tonight thinking about what I could post and I looked over at the stuffed fox on a bookcase in the corner. I then scanned the room and noticed the fancy duck in the other corner. It got me thinking about how many stuffed animals are laying around my house even though I don’t have kids and then I started wondering how many are there in other’s households?

There is a large gorilla and a puppy dog upstairs. If they were magically brought to life by some random act or wish how would they react. What if they were upset and started attacking? What if everyone’s stuffed animals came to life and decided to take over the world? How long before they captured everything? I imagine a fair amount of the world’s leaders have stuffed animals throughout their houses and maybe even some in their own offices.
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12/2/2013 Writing challenge. What if you could hypnotize someone?

flat-35577_640Today’s topic came to us from a previous what if challenge post made by ZNJAVID from A Mom’s Blog and I thought it would make a great topic for a new challenge. So here goes…

What if you had the ability to hypnotize someone, anyone? Who would it be and what would you require them to do?

I always say anything goes with the what if challenges but lets try to use a little discretion and keep the posts within the confines of decency.
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What if you awoke as your favorite food item?

I recently asked for your help in picking a few topics to write about this week here at Okay, what if?. This is a topic idea that comes to us from Pat(ricia) at Lemon Lime Follies

Of all the things that could happen to us on a normal day, have you ever thought about going to bed as yourself and then waking up as someone else? What about as something else? How about a food item? Sounds like a weird idea but it could happen and then what would you do? This scenario happened to me and played out almost a week not too long ago. Luckily I had vacation time built up so I was able to stay home, out of the site of others.

apple-150579_150On Monday morning I woke like normal but when I attempted to lean my feet over the edge of the bed I realized, I had no legs! About the same time I also noticed my arms were gone too and I couldn’t catch myself. I just rolled right off the bed landing with a thud on the hardwood floor. I managed to roll around enough until I got a view in the mirror hanging on the door. I was an apple. That’s right, a freaking apple! And along with this shock I also now had a tremendous bruise from landing on the floor. Let me tell you, a giant bruise on a giant apple is bad. it’s all squishy with a cracked skin. Yuck.
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What if the sock monster wanted more?

I think everybody has met that villain The Sock Monster. It usually hangs out around the washer or dryer and steals any matching socks it can get its claws on. It’s usually more of a nuisance than a problem, but recently my personal sock monster decided it was no longer happy with just socks. Now it wants more.


The last time I washed my clothes and pulled them out the dryer I noticed a problem. Among my load was a pair of my pants that was fine before the wash, but now was missing one leg. The next time I washed a load it happened again. I don’t have too many pairs of pants so this was a bit upsetting. I’ve got one pair missing a right leg and one pair missing a left leg and now have to put on both to be fully clothed. I have to say two pairs of pants overlapping are rough on the crotch.

If I only wear one it looks like I’m trying to pull off some weird new style with one leg normal and the other daisy duke style. Again I have to say something, the daisy duke look is not the look for me. I really hope this doesn’t start happening to my work pants. The look would be especially hard to explain to my co-workers.

Anybody got any suggestions on what to do about my problem? Do I need to buy some different socks and hope maybe the monster will like them better? Socks are a lot cheaper to buy and if I’m missing a sock it looks better than a missing pants leg. Has this happened to anyone else? What happens if it gets tired of the pants legs too?

I’m afraid eventually any type of clothes will not be able to satisfy it and it will start looking for a substitute. What if I take a bath and when I get out I’m missing a foot. This is really a disturbing problem and I just don’t know what to do!

11/18/2013 Writing challenge. What if you spoke your mind?

2672889152_0fa1bf6ebc_nThis weeks What if challenge.

What if you spoke your mind?

Have you ever had inner thoughts that would cause major problems if anyone knew what you were really thinking or heard the conversation in your head?

Think about a conversation you had recently or overheard. Then show us what might be said if all parties spoke exactly what they were thinking instead. If you want to expand it, tell us about the consequences from this conversation.

As always, anything goes with this challenge. You can write a post specific to the challenge or just inspired by it. It can be taken from real events or the imagination. I want to see your thoughts on the subject.

Please add a link to this post to create a pingback. Add whatifchallenge as a tag.

Comments on these challenges are closed but if you want to contact me or you would like to make a suggestion for a future What if writing challenge send me an email to thoughts@okaywhatif.com

Short example.

Actual conversation

Wife: What do you think of these new shoes?
Husband: I like them. And they look great with that dress.

Version 2

Wife: I don’t care if you like these or not but I feel I need to include you
Husband: Those are the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen. I bet you paid too much for them.

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What if? Weekly writing challenge
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What if beauty was desired by evil?

I found a new photo challenge today called Picture it & Write. I liked the photo used for today’s prompt and decided to give it a try. Let me know what you think of my story and if you want to try a story yourself check out Ermiliablog It’s pretty interesting.


Photo by Kyle Thompson

The pageant had been so enticing. The chance to visit a real castle, to don princess apparel in a place where princesses had once been the norm so thrilling. It seemed a bit odd when they were told meet up and they would be taken to the castle, but this was all new and a little mystery just added to the excitement.

Three limousines with blacked out windows had brought them to the castle. A total of seventeen women with thoughts of winning the first ever Miss Royalty Pageant. They were ushered into an area to primp and begin to practice their routines. Katie was the first to notice there was no audience, no stage and no photographers. The door to the room opened and a man entered the room.

“Welcome ladies to my home, I hope you have enjoyed your time here because you will never leave this place!” He spoke with such coldness it brought goose bumps to the girls skin.

When he finished his words the shadows of the room began to move, creatures of pure blackness stepped out and started taking the girls away, disappearing into nothing. Katie, Samantha and Karen were the closest to the entrance and they bolted through, past the man. They escaped the castle and entered the woods surrounding.

It had now been hours since the escape and the further into the woods they traveled the darker and deeper the muck became. They stopped for just a moment to rest. Karen was exhausted to the point she needed to be held up by the other girls, but as they stood there they could hear the screams coming from the castle they left behind. Quitting was not an option, they needed to keep moving. If they died in these woods it would surely be a better fate than what the other girls were enduring.