What if we started a Blog Fight Club? Part Two

Okay I received a lot of positive response to my initial idea to start a blog fight club. I have done a little behind the scenes work and a little more thinking on the subject.

I picked up the blog name http://blogfightclub.wordpress.com and have done an initial layout. I plan to lose the wordpress part but the money just won’t allow it right now and I’m nowhere near ready for launch.

My initial idea for bracketed type challenges is still a good possibility, but I have also been thinking about the possibility of blogger challenging blogger to a blog-off. Maybe a debate style head to head matchup about a particular subject with one side for and one side against. The fight could be announced and promoted on blog Fight Club and then each blogger post on their own site.

There is also a possibility of picking two comparable subjects and having bloggers pick sides until a winner is announced. I participated in a tug of war on The Matticus Kingdom between Marvel Comics and DC a few months back that worked this way. It was a lot of fun and could work on this new site as well.

Just a few more ideas I have been working on. If you have any of your own please let me know. If you want to step over and check out the layout of the new blog you can, just know it is in a construction phase.

I will add another update when I have more info or any decisions have been made. Thank you to everyone for their support.

What if you could really open up a can of whoop-ass?

can2Okay, what if you could really open up a can of whoop-ass? If you get into trouble, you just open this can up and all your foes go down. No muss, no fuss.

This brand new must have personal safety item is not going to be cheap, so you will want to use discretion before you open it. It might not be good for a simple argument with family or when a couple kids walk on your grass you clearly have marked to stay off of, but if a couple guys attempt to mug you after leaving the movie theatre late one night let it rip!

A pow and a twack later these two muggers are down for the count. It’s now your turn to decide their fate. Do you take all their stuff, break out the magic marker, write their crimes on their foreheads and place them for everyone to see or just call the police and tell them your making a citizens arrest? Your choice, but remember that with great power comes great responsibility?

Who needs mace when you can have a can of fully functional whoop-ass at the ready? No permits necessary.

Coming soon to a store near you!

Two versions will be available: SILENT, BUT NOT DEADLY or NOISY DISTURBANCE

Future versions will include built in theme songs such as KUNG-FU FIGHTING, MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT and EYE OF THE TIGER (great for opening up as a last resort if losing a current scuffle)

soundsDisclaimer: Sorry, no refills. Ass-whooping is good for up to five offenders. Only one ass-whooping per can.

Can of whoop-ass is not responsible if you accidentally open up the can with no one else around. An ass-whooping is provided regardless of the participants. If you are the only available participant you will be taken down!

Can of whoop-ass is not responsible if two cans are opened at the same time. Opening a can indoors or opening two cans simultaneously may cause damage to property for which Can of whoop-ass has no liability.

Can of whoop-ass intended for adults only. Please do not film yourself while opening a can of whoop-ass. Please do not take can of whoop-ass to school. Please use responsibly.