What if I added a new feature to the site?

I decided it was time to add a new feature to the site. A while back I did a post asking for others to send me their ideas for a What if topic and I would do my best to write a post based on their idea. It worked well and a couple fun posts came out of it.

Later today I will be re-blogging a fun What if post from a blogger who has been exploring her own what if scenarios on her site after finding inspiration here. Seeing her post about What if life was like the Sims? made me realize there are many subjects out there that could be explored that I don’t have knowledge to do. I have never played the Sims so I wouldn’t have any idea about life as a Sim, but reading someone else’s post about it was entertaining.

For those reasons I have decided to add a permanent feature where you can submit an idea for a what if topic or submit a post of your own. The feature is listed on the side of every page so you can get to it at anytime. This way you can have your post featured here on the site without needing to become an active author or editor of the site. Credit will always be given with your name and blog listed unless you wish to remain anonymous. You can choose to publish your post on your own blog before submitting or re-blog the post from this sight once published here.


I hope to see some new great ideas and fun posts from this feature. Let’s see just how random we can get with a scenario started by a what if? Thank you to everyone for reading and being along for the ride.

What if a man with a plan was available in a can?

I just have to say after spending a little over forty years in this world I find daily life a bit tough sometimes. Between the pressures of being a good person, making a living, taking care of those around that need your help and making sure to get some me time things can get a bit confusing. Sometimes coming up with the tough decisions or making a plan for the future seems to be the most daunting task ever.

Included with can is a man with a plan

If only there was someone or something to help you out with the decisions you are having trouble with making yourself! An informed know it all with all the answers. A man with a plan. A store bought future planner available in a can.

Sure maybe it would take away some of the joy and pride of making these decisions yourself, but the loss of all the stress and maybe even some of the bad decisions would be worth it.

“I just got offered a new job for more money, but the job I have now is secure. I have no chance of advancement but I also don’t have to worry about the company going under or a layoff. I have a decent benefits package but with this new job there is no ceiling and advancement is almost guaranteed. But if the company doesn’t make it neither do I. What should I do? I know, I’ll go get a man with a plan in a can and he will know what to do!”

Sure it almost sounds like going to a psychic but it would be nothing even close. You see the man with a plan is a small computer with the algorithms built in to explore every possible outcome based on the information entered and then formulate the best case scenario. Something our muddled brains don’t have the ability to do. The emotions are left out of the decision so the proper decision is made.

The reason for the computer coming in the form of a man is to make it seem more personal, knowledgeable and caring. We probably would never let a computer make the decisions for us but a miniature friend would be a different story. Also man rhymes with can which worked great for the title. Besides, how many men actually would listen to a woman in a can? (Please, no throwing things at the author of the post ladies. It was an attempt at a joke)

“We need a new home with the baby coming, but can we afford to take on a new mortgage? I want to spend time watching my child grow up, but the costs to raise it might mean I am never home. Should we sacrifice by staying in a place that is not ideal or just man up and go for broke with the new place? What if the decision I make is wrong and we lose everything having to move in with my parents? I need to go buy a can of man with a plan right now. That will ease my mind.”

The cans wouldn’t be too expensive or it would ruin the whole concept. They would be recyclable and you could get some of your upfront costs back when you returned it to the store. A bit of repackaging and the can of man would be ready for another big life moment. No one would ever need to know that you didn’t make your own decision.

Buy the new washer we need or play the slots?

Buy the new washer we need or play the slots?

I admit the idea seems great to me. I’ve never been good at the big decisions and a plan for the future has been tough to come by unless winning the lottery counts. That’s always been my plan. Win the lottery and become rich! Biggest problem is I hardly ever play the lottery so I guess I don’t follow through with my plans all that great either.

“I need to figure out the best way to get rich. Should I play the lottery, bet on the horses, invest in the stock market or go on a bank robbing spree. I know! I’ll buy a man with a plan in a can and see what he says.”

Disclaimer: The man in the can is not to be used as a means of gaining monetary value and cannot make decisions involving illegal activities. Using the man in any way other than permitted will void any warranty or guarantees. This includes but is not limited to any and all decisions of a life threatening nature or any events not following the laws of the governing nation. The man also must not be used as an insertion device in any form. Bodily insertion is strictly prohibited! It is also not a babysitter or child monitor.

Well dangit there is always a bunch of rules with these things. There goes the idea of having the man pick my lottery numbers for me! Guess I just need to get back to attempting to take care of my life myself. I could ask my wife for her opinion and then not listen to it like usual. Wonder what would happen if I did listen to her ideas sometimes? Nah, that’s too much of a risk.

I guess for now we will just have to wait until the man in the can becomes a reality and then see if it works. I would be willing to at least give it a try, how about you?

What if we started a Blog Fight Club? Part Two

Okay I received a lot of positive response to my initial idea to start a blog fight club. I have done a little behind the scenes work and a little more thinking on the subject.

I picked up the blog name http://blogfightclub.wordpress.com and have done an initial layout. I plan to lose the wordpress part but the money just won’t allow it right now and I’m nowhere near ready for launch.

My initial idea for bracketed type challenges is still a good possibility, but I have also been thinking about the possibility of blogger challenging blogger to a blog-off. Maybe a debate style head to head matchup about a particular subject with one side for and one side against. The fight could be announced and promoted on blog Fight Club and then each blogger post on their own site.

There is also a possibility of picking two comparable subjects and having bloggers pick sides until a winner is announced. I participated in a tug of war on The Matticus Kingdom between Marvel Comics and DC a few months back that worked this way. It was a lot of fun and could work on this new site as well.

Just a few more ideas I have been working on. If you have any of your own please let me know. If you want to step over and check out the layout of the new blog you can, just know it is in a construction phase.

I will add another update when I have more info or any decisions have been made. Thank you to everyone for their support.

What if I lost my mind?

Okay I’ve got a real problem. I realized when I got home from work today I had lost my mind. I know I had to leave it somewhere but I’ve looked everywhere I could think of and nothing. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me but it’s the first time I haven’t been able to find it right away.

I checked in the car and no luck. I emptied my pockets and found a little change, some lint and a bottle cap but not my mind. I’m not sure why I was carrying the bottle cap either which I blame on being mindless.

mindI thought about asking for some help but I don’t know who to ask. If I ask my mom she will just say “I told you if your head wasn’t screwed on you would lose it”. If I ask one of my brothers they will tell me “look for a stack of rocks” and then laugh. If I ask my sister she will say “are you sure you ever had one?” and laugh. So basically the family won’t be any help.

I would call the workplace and see if I left it there but most of the people I work with lost their own minds long ago and I don’t think they would even try to help me. I finally decided to ask my friend for help and he said “I told you that picture I sent you via text would blow your mind”. Then I wondered if he might be right. I didn’t remember the picture and if I actually viewed it did it blow my mind?

Well now my brother is calling. Better see what he wants. When I answer the phone all he says is “So, you’re a true airhead now huh?” and then hangs up laughing. Wait a minute. How did he even find out? I bet he has something to do with this. Just because his mind doesn’t work as good as it used doesn’t mean he can take mine!

I’m going over to confront him about this, I just need to remember where he lives, what his name is and what I need to talk to him about. What was I saying? I swear, sometimes I think I’ve completely lost my mind!

What if the time’s they were a changing?

It’s just a few days until the new year and what a year it’s been. I’m still just as poor as I was the year before, still working at the same job, still married to my same loving wife and I’m still as good looking as ever but now I can call myself a blogger. After six months of posts, building a following and then even establishing a second blog I feel comfortable saying I’m a blogger.

thoughts-101033_150I haven’t written a book yet and I don’t write for any sites other than my own but that doesn’t matter. I enjoy the ability to share my thoughts with others in this great big blogging world more than I could have ever imagined. Something about hitting that publish button, then seeing that little symbol in the corner of the screen light up with a like or a thought makes me happy. When I see the trophy symbol or the squiggly arrow show up I get super excited.
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What if you could be a part of Okay, what if?

I started this blog as an outlet and for some fun back in July of this year. Over the last several months the blog seems to have taken on a life of it’s own. This prompted me to start another more personal blog for my challenge responses, short stories and personal thoughts. Okay, what if? is still running strong and won’t be going anywhere, but I didn’t want to lose the purpose for the blog. I still want to be able to explore the creative world of what if’s.

yodaNow I realize I’m not the only one who could explore these possibilities so I figured why not ask for some help. I know there are some fellow bloggers out there who might be interested in writing a few posts using the what if theme. Do you want to be one of those that contributes? Is your blog always serious and you want to write a little humor? Do you have a controversial subject you want to explore? Do you just want to find a wider audience for your writings?
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What if I challenged you to challenge me?

robot-162087_640Okay, I’ve got a couple extra days off this week with the holiday, so I might need some help with a few post ideas. I’m challenging you, my readers and followers, to come up with your best what if that you would like to see me blog about. If I get some responses I’ll pick my favorites and blog about them this week giving credit to whoever first offered the topic. If I really like your topic I might decide to use it for a future What if writing challenge?

Nothing is too strange or far out for this little exercise, as a matter of fact the weirder the better. Just please remember this is a public blog and I would like to keep it relatively clean. To give you an example let me tell you a draft post I have been working on this past week but haven’t published yet  – “What if it rained glue?”

So show me what you can come up with or if you have a what if topic you want to write about yourself and have it featured here let me know. I think it could be fun to get a guest post or two with someone else’s take on the world of what if?

You can contact me on Facebook, Twitter, by email (thoughts@okaywhatif.com) or just leave a comment here. I’m looking forward to the challenge.