What if Cupid was pissed?

The last time Cupid was seen was at the local store scene

He was hovering overhead thinking how romance might be dead

He stayed there for a while just counting aisle after aisle

Of products with bling even teddy bears that sing

Most covered in hearts or with candy coated parts

The prices were obscene for a few romantic things

Valentine’s day had become all about the scene.amor-147461_150

Flowers are the best way to make it a lovely day

And some candy to eat would be a nice treat

A poem you write could make someone’s night

If you wanted to be just a bit naughty

It’s totally free and perfectly okay with me.

Yet everyone just spends and always pretends

Love is about stuff and it’s never enough.

When did the heart become a selling plot?

box-159632_150Cupid feels dissed and now he is pissed

He cut his night short after receiving the report

That people were broke and had lost all hope

Maybe what we spend should be time with our friends

Instead of lots of money trying to impress our honey

What if we weren’t so prone to being afraid to be alone

We should all bail on the products they sell

And just be together and care for one another

Keeping cupid in mind while we try to find

The love that means everything.

Just saw the topic for this weeks writing challenge on daily post and thought this kind of fit the theme.