What if I had written the new Ghostbusters movie?


I have seen a lot lately about this new version of the Ghostbusters movie that is currently being made. I still haven’t figured out if it is a remake or a continuation, but most of what I have seen says it is going to ignore the original films.

If they had asked me to make it there would be no way I could have ignored the original. How does that serve the franchise? I thought about it a while and came up with my own outline of what I would make of the idea of a new Ghostbusters film.

First off we would move the location from New York to Los Angeles. I figure New York has already had Zuul, the Staypuff marshmallow man and sewers filled with dancing slime, maybe they have had enough.

It would begin with a college girl who had always been interested in the occult finding out her professor was dabbling in dark magic. As she was trying to discover what he was up to she realizes he released a powerful demon. She visits the library to find out more about the professor and the demon where she runs into the nerdy, smart librarian girl.

Once they both get involved they find information about the original Ghostbusters, a team of heroes in New York who fought and won against powerful forces more than twenty years before but then disappeared and were forgotten.

Meanwhile the demon has opened a portal to release ghost and spirits all over LA. Can you just imagine the scenes with the walk of fame covered in famous ghosts rising from their own stars? Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk as a ghost in front of his own impersonator? Great cinema I think.

Eventually the two other girls would join, one being the hot girl who actually has brains and the other the girl who can kick anyone’s ass (notice I don’t have a problem with the all girl cast). Now we have our cast. Weird occult girl, nerdy librarian, hot girl with brains and bad-ass b****.

They find out a Hollywood a-lister has a car collection that included Ecto-1 but he decided it didn’t fit with his other cars and junked it. They find it along with designs for equipment and tada, Ghostbusters are reborn.

Eventually it would be revealed the original Ghostbusters were put in protective custody after discovering a mob boss and politician in New York had been using their service and captured ghosts, releasing them into apartment buildings to force tenants out of homes so they buy and rebuild. Or something to that effect.

This of course would lead to the cameo appearance of the originals who now live in LA and would reveal the original girl (aka occult girl) was the orphaned child of these two


Who had no idea how to take care of a kid. Lots of Ghostbusting antics ensue and we all have a lot of good laughs until they have to take on the first demon released and we have the final battle that finishes the whole thing out nicely.


Not sure if Vigo likes it but what do you think? Should I contact my agent?

What if you met your former self?

I couldn’t believe it. I closed my eyes, shook my head and did a double take but when I reopened them it was still there. I was still there or at least a version of me. A version from many years before, the childish side that everyone said was spoiled. Boy could I see why.

I knew it was wrong to beat a child, but if you were the one doing it to your own self was It still wrong? The child, me, I ran at me and screamed directly into my own face “I want pizza! I’m hungry.”

“Whoa, whoa now settle down. I don’t know what we are having for supper and if you are supposed to eat before.”

What was I saying? Why was I worried about supper? Was it just a reaction to all the times I heard it when I was younger? Wait, this was the younger me so now I was telling it to myself as it echoed inside my head. This was just downright weird.

“Have you finished your homework? I bet you haven’t and you are waiting until morning to just cause a fuss as you rush it between breakfast and the trip to school.”

There I went again. It was almost an automatic thing. I wasn’t even thinking about it just saying things I heard when I was little, but now it was me saying them to myself. Well, the younger version of myself. All I could think of was why? Why was I having this weird hallucination? At least I hoped that was all it was.

I heard what sounded like a doorbell and suddenly a new version of me entered. This was the bit older but no where near mature version. He, I, was escorted by a police officer who stopped when he faced me, uh the now version of me.

“Is this one yours?” The officer asked

“Well, uhm, yeah sorta. I think.” I managed to respond.

“We caught him breaking into the school. It’s not the first time he’s been in trouble. You need to get a hold on him before he ends up in jail or worse.”

“Thanks officer and don’t worry, he , uhm, I turn out well. I never get in any major trouble.”

“It’s not you I’m talking about. It’s him and I hope he surprises me, but you need to keep an eye on him.”

It is me, it is me. I’m the one, I turned out good. Please, you have to believe me sir. The words were shouted in my head but never came out as sound and the young officer left without the knowledge I wanted, I needed him to know.

“Hey, what’s the little brat doing here and why are you looking at that officer so weird? You fruity or something?” This new version of me asked.

“No, but what if I was. You would be too. Nothing wrong about it.” I said to myself with a bit of embarrassment at the jerk, the bully I was, uhm I used to be. You know, that immature version of me I was talking to.

“Hey I’m not a brat. Make him say he’s sorry. It was mean. You shouldn’t call others names!” The youngest version of me said with a sadness to his voice.

“He’s right. It was mean. Now apologize to me, uhm you, uhm him for it.” Oh wow this was getting confusing.

“Sorry turd I called you a name. Quit your whining or I’ll make you hit yourself!”

“Hey, you just called me another name!”

“If anyone here is going to start hitting themselves it’s going to be you, I mean me, I mean you. Just everyone be quiet!”

We all looked at each other in awkward silence until the door opened and I entered, err another version of I.

“What’s going dowwwwinnnee in this towwwwinnnee peeps.” He, I, said along with a lot of body movement.

“Who you?” The youngest me asked.

I just dropped my head in disgust at the sight. I mean anything but MC J.E.D. I could have dealt without ever having to see the late teenage wannabe rapper side of myself again. Yet here before me I stood and wailed away.

Thunk, Thunk, Thunk.

“Honey, honey! Wake up!”  A distant voice beckoned.

“Huh, what?” I slowly opened my eyes to realize I was in my own bed. Only my wife was there with me.

“You were dreaming sweetie. You sounded like you were trying to rap or something. It was awful.” My wife told me as she busted into laughter.

It was just a dream, just a dream Thank goodness I am back in reality. I wonder how my wife will take it when I tell her I’m not sure if I want kids anymore. Mom had told me my kids would be little versions of myself only a little more misbehaving. I don’t think I could handle that!man-295975_640

Post inspired by Cimmy and her challenge The Dream. Check it out or add your own answer to her challenge. Thanks Cimmy for the inspiration.

What if I could travel through time?

"The Time Machine!" by Chaotic Good01

“The Time Machine!” by Chaotic Good01

The concept of time travel is anything but new. It has been a subject of countless stories, books, tv shows and movies for many, many years. My childhood would have never been the same if not for the likes of Land of the Lost, Back to the Future or Quantum Leap. These stories helped to spur the creative genes inside my soul and made me believe most anything could be possible. This week time travel is the subject of the weekly writing challenge from the daily post. They are calling it time machine and want to know our take on the concept of traveling trough time.

I for one have always been amazed at the creativity involved in the show Quantum Leap. The idea of hopping into the lives of others, having to become a completely different person while trying to maintain or better their lives without losing yourself was amazing to watch. On the show Sam had Al to help him find his way and hope for the eventual leap home, but it always seemed lost.
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What if winter was as confused as we are?

snow-161423_640So I am sitting in my living room tonight in a pair of shorts and t-shirt trying to cool off. I spent the afternoon at work sweating my ass off and couldn’t wait to get home, shower and then turn on the fan. Want to know what is so unusual about that? For one it has been one of the coldest winters in recent memory all over the U.S. with mountains of snow piling up in several states.

I live in North Carolina myself and just one week ago today we were in our third day of freezing rain, sleet and snow. We received over a foot all together and I personally lost power at my house for more than sixteen hours. Me, the wife and animals were all huddled up together with a small kerosene heater as the only source of heat and a few candles lit so we could see.

Then on Friday the 14th I heard about an earthquake not far from where I live. I didn’t feel it but according to news reports I probably should have. So just to sum up the last week or so on last Tuesday we received a couple inches of snow, Wednesday more snow, some ice and sleet, Thursday more snow and ice, Friday clear but freezing, roads messy and an earthquake. Skip forward to today and we have 70+ degrees.

Tomorrow the forecast is for thunderstorms. One radio report I heard today said we had a 100% chance of thunderstorms. I mean come on, just how much weirder can this weather get? I am starting to believe the most confused person this winter might be winter itself. Maybe all the talk of global warming has caused his mind to slip and he can’t figure out the best way to handle it.

So for now I am trying to stay cool for the first time this winter while staring at my heater and stack of blankets that just recently were my only sources of warmth. To top it off I heard talk today of another possible snowstorm that may be heading our way by next Friday. Just another episode in the weirdest winter ever.

What if I could catch a pass in the Super-Bowl?

superbowlnynjIt’s all been worth it. The years of training, the dedication to my sport, the countless hours going over game film and listening to coach after coach tell me all the things I already know. It’s finally here and I’m on the biggest stage of my entire life. The games about to start and the cameras are all rolling. The pre-game interviews have been completed and the millions of viewers are all ready for the game to begin. Well, almost all of them. Quite a few are just here to watch the commercials but there is nothing wrong with that. I’m even in one of the commercials in the second half so they will have to see me either way.

We lose the coin toss but are given first possession of the ball. After a few run plays and a couple dropped passes by my counterparts its my turn to be the recipient. Peyton goes through his process, confusing the defense and even some of his own offense until he makes the final call. He grabs the ball, backs up and stare across the field. I take off with such speed I leave my defender lagging behind. I’m completely open downfield and waving for the ball which is already on its way. It hits me with such force it knocks me back a little but I clutch it tightly, regain myself and begin my march downfield.

I’m on the fifty, then the forty with no one around.  I might be able to do it, my first catch in the Super-Bowl could be the first scoring play. I’m so pumped and excited I fail to realize the defender flying through the air in my direction. He hits me so hard the ball goes flying, luckily out of play so my team remains possession. I hit the ground with him on top of me and slide a couple feet before stopping. He pops up, screams some profanities my way, spewing spit along with them and runs back over to his teammates.

I, I can’t move. I’m motionless on the field as my trainer and teammates come over. I look down and my leg is not in it’s natural position. It’s angle is enough to know I won’t be playing for the remaining game. The only appearance I’ll make once I’m wheeled off the field is in that second half commercial. I can’t believe I just caught a pass in the Super-Bowl and it may have ended my career. It could be the very last pass I’ll ever be on the opposite end of. Man this thing everybody calls life can be a real bitch.Denver Broncos v Houston Texans

This is just a little story I needed to write today to get a bit of the tension I’ve felt in my own life lately out. The Super-Bowl will be played later today and is probably the most exciting thing to ever happen to a lot of the players coaches and fans, but things can change so quickly. I have come to the realization that every day should be your best day ever and every moment enjoyed for what it is because you never know when things can change and what the next moment has in store for you.

I’ll be spending my evening hanging with my wife and rooting for the Broncos. How are you going to enjoy your day?

What if the world had ended on December 21, 2012?

I’ve been doing some reading lately and noticed a trend of people talking about the tough year that 2013 was. Even though I agree that the past year has been a difficult one for most of us, it easily could’ve been worse (or not been at all). Remember when just over a year ago all the doomsday preppers were ready for It all to come to an end?

mayanAccording to some, the world was supposed to come to it’s terrible conclusion on December 21, 2012. Well it’s more than a year later and here we are, still living and hopefully enjoying our daily lives. So instead of talking about all the tough times that 2013 brought about, let’s be thankful for the good things it brought us, and a few of the weird stories that were.
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What if kids were just being scary/scared kids?

For my take on the What if challenge: What if you scared me? I have two childhood stories to share. The first is about scaring someone else and the other is about being scared. Hope you enjoy.

Scary Monster Halloween Prop with Colorful LightingWhen I was about ten we lived on a street that was always busy on Halloween. Most of the houses were close together and you knew your neighbors, so it was a great place to get your treats and once in a while, a trick! My brother and cousin who were both a few years older than me decided that this year they would rather do a little scaring than go trick-or-treating. Me being the tag along-want to do everything my big brother does-kid I decided I wanted to join them.

We got an old white sheet, a piece of rope and a kickball and went to work. Our house was not far off the road with a small front yard. The porch light lit up most of the front but left the areas at the side of the yard and house covered in darkness. This was perfect for what we had planned.

We started by covering the kickball with the sheet and tied the rope around the bottom forming a head and body for our ghost. For the next part we needed to tie the rope over a tree limb beside the house. Being the ages we were tree climbing was an easy task as long as you did it while the parents weren’t looking. I don’t remember who finally climbed out on that limb and tied the rope off, but we ended up with a hanging ghost suspended a couple feet off the ground and just a little off the walk leading to the front door of the house.

Once the day turned to night and the costumed kids started showing up we were ready. My brother climbed the tree directly behind the one we had used to tie our ghost to and my cousin would pull the ghost back to him. It was just dark enough that they were hidden in shadows and couldn’t be seen. I was standing closer to the front and served as the lookout for our scheme. When someone started walking toward the front of the house I would signal and my brother would let the ghost go.

The ghost would suddenly appear coming out of the dark and swing directly into the pathway of those headed for the front door. The reactions were varied from the complete meltdowns to the nonchalant who just avoided the ghost altogether by stepping aside, but the majority of people just looked shocked for a second and then headed on to the door.

A couple smaller kids had priceless reactions and looking back now I think about how great it would have been to have had a camera filming. One kid just busted out crying and wouldn’t stop while another turned tail and ran straight back to his car and wouldn’t dare venture back into our yard. I had to go get candy from my parents and take it to him at his car so he got his treats and my parents wouldn’t feel so bad about what their terrible kids had done!

A lot of fun was had by us and it still brings a smile to my face today when I think about it

firework-160845_640My second story has nothing to do with Halloween, but everything to do with being scared. The three of us boys were at it again one day in front of the house. It was late one afternoon after school and somewhere one of us had come across a few bottle rockets. We of course had to set them off as soon as possible, problem was we didn’t have any bottles and taking the time to find one might have took too long. We wanted to set them off before it was too dark.

What does one use when they can’t find a bottle? Why the manhole cover in the road of course. It had several areas deep enough to drop a bottle rocket in and they were wide enough the rocket wouldn’t stick in them once ignited. We set off a couple without a hitch and were having a great time. What can be better for a bunch of boys than fire and exploding things?

It was the forth one we lit that seemed to be a dud and after about a minute still hadn’t ignited. We looked at each other arguing over who was going to go check on it, but none of us volunteered. We were about ten feet away in our front yard and were getting upset that are fun was almost over when a car topped the hill just up the street. Up until now we had been on the lookout and only lighting the rockets when no cars were around.

The car sped down the road and just as it crossed the manhole we heard a loud BOOM! The rocket had finally exploded under the car as it passed. We all busted out laughing thinking it was the funniest thing ever until the car stopped about a hundred feet down the road and started backing up.

We looked at each other in pure horror and took off running. The three of us ended up in different hiding spots throughout the neighborhood completely frightened we might have been seen. We watched as the car backed all the way up and pulled into our neighbors yard, sat there for a minute or two and finally pulled off. We stayed hidden for quite a while even after the car was gone.

Nothing ever came of the incident other than a good scare for us and a story to tell, but we never set off bottle rockets in the road again.

whatif101Written for the What if challenge

Tell us about the scariest thing you ever done to someone else. Or what is the most scared you have ever been and why. Maybe you have a great idea on how to scare someone that you have never tried you want to tell us about. If you can’t think up a good scary moment from your personal experience write a fictional post related to it. Anything goes, lets see how scary we can get!

To scare or to be scared, that is the question!