What if I met a Mermaid?

If you remember a couple of weeks back I told you about the time I got sucked down a plughole, a both terrifying and enlightening experience. At the end of the journey when I skimmed out of the sewer pipe and into the deep blue ocean, what should I see before me but a Mermaid. Now I know what you’re thinking, it’s something along the lines of how did I know what I was looking at. I’ve seen enough films to know and to be fair the whole half woman, half fish thing kind of gave it away.

I had always thought Mermaids were Sirens of the Sea, portrayed in Greek mythology as beautiful yet dangerous creatures who lured sailors to their death with femme fatal looks and enchanting song. The one floating in front of me looked a little less daunting I am thankful to say.

Image by: Junie Crystal

Image by: Junie Crystal

She was made up of parts of all the things I had ever imagined. Long flowing blond hair that swirled about her head as she gracefully floated to and fro. The pale skin of her face glowing with just a hint of colour at her cheeks. Now guys, I am sorry, but for you I will have to ruin the imagine currently forming in your heads, because she had two rather large seashells covering her modesty. I can tell you this pleased me as much as it no doubt displeases you.

Her lower body though has to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Almost golden like scales overlapping each other in a delicate pattern around her, creating the impression of legs that merged into the most beautiful tail, the fin of which flicked effortlessly keeping her poised and steady.

I rubbed my eyes, not once, but twice. You can imagine I’m sure, that I was having a little trouble processing this vision before me. but then again I did just get sucked down a plughole!

What do you say to a mermaid,  I mean is it Miss or Ms, for all I know she could be married to the guy with the trident, who’s name I forget at this present moment in time, I think it’s Naptime or was it Neptune. I’m pretty sure it’s one of those two.

Just as I was about to open my mouth to speak I saw her looking towards the surface of the water. Offering her hand to me, she said “You must come with me.” In that instant I had a flash of all that I was leaving behind. Suddenly an empty flat whose bath had a magic plughole didn’t seem so appealing any more.

The Mermaid, now agitated, beckoned a little more urgently as she again looked towards  the sky. Stretching my hand forward to grasp hers, I felt the brush of her fingers as I was suddenly ripped upwards and away from her outstretched hand, by someone else’s.

“It’s ok Miss, we’ve got you, you’re safe now.” came a rasping voice.

Glancing back I saw a golden tail disappear into the darkness of the deep blue sea. I never did get to ask her name.