What if you had a box of chocolates while naked at work?

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for the weird title but just so you know it is a melding of my two most popular posts based on views from 2013. The two posts were What if life really is like a box of chocolates? from August 18 and What if you had to go to work naked? from August 1 and they have helped generate more than a thousand views for the site.

If you Google the terms “work naked” or “box of chocolates quote” right now my posts are usually showing up on the first page. Go ahead and try it, I’ll wait. That just makes me smile for some reason. Everyday I get quite a few search engine referred visits just from these two posts alone. It’s amazing how many people are interested in being naked while at work or a quote about chocolates from a movie released in 1994. I just hope some of the visitors stick around and check out some of my other content. I feel my site has gotten so much better and I’ve become a better blogger and writer since these posts were written in August.

It’s a bit crazy to realize this post I am now writing and hopefully you will be reading soon is my 250th post on the site. I started for fun thinking it probably wouldn’t last and here I am 250 posts later in a new year and even started a second blog recently. Continue reading

What if you could be in some great company for New Year’s?

If you haven’t heard about it yet some great, imaginative bloggers came up with the idea to share the holidays with whoever needed to talk. If you’re alone or just in need of a friendly chat you should check out Come4Company (formerly Company4Christmas).

The site is up and running with bloggers from all over making time to chat. I’ll be hanging around a bit today and tomorrow at the site if you want to visit me or any of the other great hosts. I look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to chat.

Happy New Year!