What if ice cream didn’t melt?

I found this weird story on twitter today. It is a bit cringe worthy and made me worry/wonder about other products. The video below may frighten you.

What if your ice cream didn’t melt? Would you still eat it?

I don’t know about you, but I am not planning to buy any of these sandwiches anytime soon! Just what is in these and what does it do once it’s inside our bodies? Does it melt then or go through the digestive system intact, then slide out the same as it came in? Uuggh, I think I just grossed myself out.

I usually don’t share anything other than my own thoughts and stories here on this blog, but this was just too weird to keep to myself and worked as a what if. Don’t worry though, I don’t plan to make a habit of shareing weird videos or stories.

What if we started a Blog Fight Club? Part Two

Okay I received a lot of positive response to my initial idea to start a blog fight club. I have done a little behind the scenes work and a little more thinking on the subject.

I picked up the blog name http://blogfightclub.wordpress.com and have done an initial layout. I plan to lose the wordpress part but the money just won’t allow it right now and I’m nowhere near ready for launch.

My initial idea for bracketed type challenges is still a good possibility, but I have also been thinking about the possibility of blogger challenging blogger to a blog-off. Maybe a debate style head to head matchup about a particular subject with one side for and one side against. The fight could be announced and promoted on blog Fight Club and then each blogger post on their own site.

There is also a possibility of picking two comparable subjects and having bloggers pick sides until a winner is announced. I participated in a tug of war on The Matticus Kingdom between Marvel Comics and DC a few months back that worked this way. It was a lot of fun and could work on this new site as well.

Just a few more ideas I have been working on. If you have any of your own please let me know. If you want to step over and check out the layout of the new blog you can, just know it is in a construction phase.

I will add another update when I have more info or any decisions have been made. Thank you to everyone for their support.

What if we started a blog fight club?

Okay I had this really weird thought on the way home today. It started out with a bit of silliness trying to think about a good blog post. Somehow I started thinking about fight club (not at all sure why, haven’t seen it in years) and it wiggled it’s way into my blog thoughts.

Next thing I know I’m paraphrasing the famous movie line “The first rule of blog fight club is, you tell everybody about blog fight club!”. Then I just started giggling at myself until suddenly I thought That could actually make a real, entertaining adventure for us bloggers!

blogfightSo let me explain a little bit about the way I think it could work. Let’s use a bracket style concept and say we start with sixteen blogs. Each blogger writes about the same subject but using their own style. They hold their post and don’t publish until told their bracket spot is active. Continue reading

What if I couldn’t control my emotions?

There are days when I really just want to scream. Go outside and just wail to the top of my lungs and not stop until I feel I’ve got everything out. Luckily for the neighbors I can usually control myself and not let my emotions get the best of me.

animals-34050_150When I was little it was a different story. I had the worst temper as a child and would let almost anything upset me. My siblings even nicknamed me Madman and would purposely attempt to see how angry they could make me. They turned it into a game, instead of hide and seek they wanted to play Madman.

As I got older I learned to suppress the anger and keep it bottled up inside. It started to matter more that I didn’t upset others rather than being upset myself. As long as everyone else is happy I can deal with a bit of frustration. Now I am getting even older and things seem to be changing once again.
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What if you could redo today? What if you had the chance every day?

redo-151210_150What if, at the end of every day, you got the chance to keep the day or have a do-over? The day would come to a close and you would need to decide to keep the entire day or start it over.. There would be no do-over moments, just the entire day itself. How often do you think you might use this ability?

I was having one of my daydreams today and this thought wiggled its way free. It made for an interesting topic and something to continue daydreaming about. Could I see myself needing to relive certain days? Maybe last week when I wasted four dollars on those lottery scratch offs, but it seems like a lot of trouble having to relive an entire day over that one bad decision.

shredded-paper-168650_640But then, what if the bad decision was much worse, much more detrimental to myself or a loved one? What if I accidentally ran over the neighbor’s cat? What if I fell off the porch and broke my leg? What if in a fit of rage I told my boss off and walked out? Would I want the chance to completely shred these actions and memories from my life’s journey? The more I thought about this the more it intrigued me.

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What if I could float?

soap-224000_150I’ve been thinking and it has come to my attention that floating could be a very useful ability. I mean walking is great, but imagine the wear and tear you could save on your body if you could just float everywhere you wanted. Maybe my knee and ankle pain would even be a thing of the past.

Those early morning. half asleep trips to the bathroom might be a lot safer if I didn’t have to worry about tripping over my own feet. That first trip downstairs would be less of a nuisance. Just float down to the bottom and into the kitchen for that first cup of coffee. Continue reading