What if the time’s they were a changing?

It’s just a few days until the new year and what a year it’s been. I’m still just as poor as I was the year before, still working at the same job, still married to my same loving wife and I’m still as good looking as ever but now I can call myself a blogger. After six months of posts, building a following and then even establishing a second blog I feel comfortable saying I’m a blogger.

thoughts-101033_150I haven’t written a book yet and I don’t write for any sites other than my own but that doesn’t matter. I enjoy the ability to share my thoughts with others in this great big blogging world more than I could have ever imagined. Something about hitting that publish button, then seeing that little symbol in the corner of the screen light up with a like or a thought makes me happy. When I see the trophy symbol or the squiggly arrow show up I get super excited.
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What if beauty was desired by evil?

I found a new photo challenge today called Picture it & Write. I liked the photo used for today’s prompt and decided to give it a try. Let me know what you think of my story and if you want to try a story yourself check out Ermiliablog It’s pretty interesting.


Photo by Kyle Thompson

The pageant had been so enticing. The chance to visit a real castle, to don princess apparel in a place where princesses had once been the norm so thrilling. It seemed a bit odd when they were told meet up and they would be taken to the castle, but this was all new and a little mystery just added to the excitement.

Three limousines with blacked out windows had brought them to the castle. A total of seventeen women with thoughts of winning the first ever Miss Royalty Pageant. They were ushered into an area to primp and begin to practice their routines. Katie was the first to notice there was no audience, no stage and no photographers. The door to the room opened and a man entered the room.

“Welcome ladies to my home, I hope you have enjoyed your time here because you will never leave this place!” He spoke with such coldness it brought goose bumps to the girls skin.

When he finished his words the shadows of the room began to move, creatures of pure blackness stepped out and started taking the girls away, disappearing into nothing. Katie, Samantha and Karen were the closest to the entrance and they bolted through, past the man. They escaped the castle and entered the woods surrounding.

It had now been hours since the escape and the further into the woods they traveled the darker and deeper the muck became. They stopped for just a moment to rest. Karen was exhausted to the point she needed to be held up by the other girls, but as they stood there they could hear the screams coming from the castle they left behind. Quitting was not an option, they needed to keep moving. If they died in these woods it would surely be a better fate than what the other girls were enduring.

Friday Fictioneers. What if I cracked?

Written for the Friday Fictioneers prompt. Write a 100 word story based on the photo below.


Tommy carefully placed his feet between the lines as his mom rushed him along.

“Just walk normal and let’s go, I’m running late already.” She said in a huff.

“Mom, it’s important to miss the cracks.” He pleaded.

Tommy glanced at her just long enough to lose his place and his foot touched a seam. Frustrated he missed the next step and tripped, falling to the pavement. With his hand still clenched to mom’s he brought her down too. He looked up expecting her to be furious but she just set there smiling. She looked back at him and they both started laughing uncontrollably.

Sunday photo fiction November 10, 2013

Write a flash fiction story of around 100 to 200 words based on the photo below. For the Sunday photo fiction writing prompt


Oh, but what to do with the ship. It was Ronnie’s prized possession. He had cut, sanded and painted many a night before he got it to be what he wanted. It gave him peace to know he created it, a memory to his own father. Ronnie never spent a day on a ship in his life, but could still quote stories of sea monsters and long voyages beyond the sight of land.

The last few years it had been a center piece for every one to see. Every nurse who came by to check on him and every friend who stopped in for a visit would ask about the ship. Ronnie would let loose of tales that kept them occupied for hours.

Every night Ronnie would lean down, put a hand on the ship and pray. Somewhere during the prayer he would always thank his father for everything he had given to his family, including the sacrifice he made to save many men the night the storm took him from this earth.

Now Ronnie’s time to rest had come and still the ship remained. How could something so precious to him be given away? Oh, what to do with the ship?

What if I lost my head?

The following post was written for the Friday Fictioneers writing prompt. Write a story of around 100 words based on the photo below.


When I checked the box for donor I never expected this. I’m not even sure where my body ended up. It might be one of those weird headless statues at some library somewhere. So now I’ve been stuck up here for years left staring at the same telephone pole. Well, not the same, they did replace the wood one with a metal one a few years back. Every year around Christmas they even add a decoration.

I guess that’s what I get for listening to a female. You’re important and you should donate to science, she said. When did science turn into concrete facade on front street? Then again she didn’t make out any better. Last I heard they turned her into a mermaid statue, stuck her in the middle of a fountain and let water pour out her mouth. That can’t be a great way to spend eternity.

I wonder if I could talk to someone about getting a pair of sunglasses for the summer months?