Sunday photo fiction November 10, 2013

Write a flash fiction story of around 100 to 200 words based on the photo below. For the Sunday photo fiction writing prompt


Oh, but what to do with the ship. It was Ronnie’s prized possession. He had cut, sanded and painted many a night before he got it to be what he wanted. It gave him peace to know he created it, a memory to his own father. Ronnie never spent a day on a ship in his life, but could still quote stories of sea monsters and long voyages beyond the sight of land.

The last few years it had been a center piece for every one to see. Every nurse who came by to check on him and every friend who stopped in for a visit would ask about the ship. Ronnie would let loose of tales that kept them occupied for hours.

Every night Ronnie would lean down, put a hand on the ship and pray. Somewhere during the prayer he would always thank his father for everything he had given to his family, including the sacrifice he made to save many men the night the storm took him from this earth.

Now Ronnie’s time to rest had come and still the ship remained. How could something so precious to him be given away? Oh, what to do with the ship?

What if I lost my head?

The following post was written for the Friday Fictioneers writing prompt. Write a story of around 100 words based on the photo below.


When I checked the box for donor I never expected this. I’m not even sure where my body ended up. It might be one of those weird headless statues at some library somewhere. So now I’ve been stuck up here for years left staring at the same telephone pole. Well, not the same, they did replace the wood one with a metal one a few years back. Every year around Christmas they even add a decoration.

I guess that’s what I get for listening to a female. You’re important and you should donate to science, she said. When did science turn into concrete facade on front street? Then again she didn’t make out any better. Last I heard they turned her into a mermaid statue, stuck her in the middle of a fountain and let water pour out her mouth. That can’t be a great way to spend eternity.

I wonder if I could talk to someone about getting a pair of sunglasses for the summer months?

What if I shouldn’t stare?

Write a story – Flash Fiction – of around 100-200 words based on the photo below. Photo and prompt provided by Alastair’s Photo Fiction.gargoyle

Our weekly trip to the library was always so boring. Mom would drag me along each time and tell me to find something to read in the kids section while she did her research, but I didn’t like the other kids at the library. They made fun of me and wouldn’t leave me alone.

Today I wasn’t interested in books, I was going to explore. There were parts of this big building I had never seen and I was determined to explore them all. I turned down a long hall behind the mystery section that was dimly lit and a bit creepy. Halfway down and hanging a few feet up the wall was a weird looking stone figure.

The figure looked out of place and its face was angry. In its claws it held some sort of shield depicting a serpent and other creatures. I stood there staring and couldn’t look away. A lady walked by and whispered to me

“I wouldn’t stare at him, he doesn’t like that”.

She kept walking and I thought about what she said but it didn’t make sense. How could this figure dislike being stared at? She was just messing with me thinking I was a easy to scare little kid. I looked back up and told it

“You don’t scare me! You’re just a silly looking wall decoration.”

As I was walking away something small hit the back of my head. I felt the spot and it was wet and sticky. I turned looking for one of those aggravating kids from the book section but there wasn’t one. When I looked back up at the figure it no longer appeared angry, instead it was almost smiling. I ran across the library straight to mom screaming the whole way

“Mom, mom that thing spit on me! I want to go home! Lets get out of here”

Mom took me out of the library apologizing to everyone and looking completely embarrassed. She never took me back with her again and I never wanted to go. I wonder sometimes if that figure is still there and if it would remember me.

What if no one listens?


It wasn’t possible. Shawn had walked this block every day for four years. How could a building just appear? Where did it come from, this monstrous building now in front of him? Why was it here? What was the meaning of the clock and why was it counting backwards?

He stopped another pedestrian walking by

“Sir, what’s up with this building and where did it come from? Doesn’t this worry you?” he asked

“What are you babbling about? That building is a historical landmark. People come from all over just to get a picture. Where are you from?” the man responded

“Never mind. Sorry to bother you.” 

The man walked away mumbling to himself. The words crazy and tourist were overheard and Shawn began to wonder what was going on. Had he lost his mind, was he displaced in time or was something more sinister happening and he was the only one who could see it?

He decided he needed some help. He ran just about a mile to the local police station. He entered the front a little louder than he meant, having pushed the old doors back slamming the walls behind. The good thing was he had the entire office’s attention, problem was he couldn’t speak. He stood there slightly leaned over attempting to catch his breath.

An officer approached him slowly, not sure of his intentions. He had one hand on his sidearm with the other reaching out to check on him. Shawn caught his breath and told his story. The building he knew shouldn’t be there and the eerie backwards clock. The officers had him set at a table while they huddled at the back of the room.

Finally the initial officer who greeted him came back over.

“We are going to look into what you have told us. In the meantime please follow me so we can get a proper statement on file” the officer asked and led him out of the front office

A minute later they reached the cells

“Please have a seat inside” the officer said

“What, am I under arrest?” Shawn yelled

“Sir, it’s for your own safety and ours until we find out what your issues are” the officer responded snidely

When two other officers approached he decided it would be best to listen for now. He entered the cell and watched as the door slid shut behind him

“I know what’s going on. That building shouldn’t be there. The end is coming!” a man mumbled in the cell next door. He was dirty and looked to be a homeless vagrant, but his words were clear.

“What did you say? What’s near?” he leaned through the bars and spoke toward the man in the next cell

The man was sitting in the corner on the floor instead of the bed. His clothes were torn and the smell coming from him had surrounded the cells. He seemed to have been here a while. He raised his head slowly and looked at Shawn, but his eyes were not there! There were not even eye sockets, the skin had grown over covering where eyes should be. Shawn fell backwards onto the floor of the cell in shock as the vagrant started laughing hysterically. What the hell was happening?

Written for Alistair’s Photo Fiction: September 29th 2013

The idea is to write a story – Flash Fiction – of around 100-200 words based on the photo

I ran well over the 200 words, sorry about that but I couldn’t stop. Thanks for the challenge.

What if time stands still?

For a moment today, time stands still — but you can tweak one thing while it’s stopped. What do you do?
Photographers, artists, poets: show us STILLNESS.

Sounds like a great time to check and make sure I zipped up this morning. Yep, I’m good to go. Didn’t even have to sneak it in today.

Just for some fun I will throw in a picture of what may be causing a little stillness for a lot of us very soon.

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For today’s Daily Post: Standstill