What if I could catch a pass in the Super-Bowl?

superbowlnynjIt’s all been worth it. The years of training, the dedication to my sport, the countless hours going over game film and listening to coach after coach tell me all the things I already know. It’s finally here and I’m on the biggest stage of my entire life. The games about to start and the cameras are all rolling. The pre-game interviews have been completed and the millions of viewers are all ready for the game to begin. Well, almost all of them. Quite a few are just here to watch the commercials but there is nothing wrong with that. I’m even in one of the commercials in the second half so they will have to see me either way.

We lose the coin toss but are given first possession of the ball. After a few run plays and a couple dropped passes by my counterparts its my turn to be the recipient. Peyton goes through his process, confusing the defense and even some of his own offense until he makes the final call. He grabs the ball, backs up and stare across the field. I take off with such speed I leave my defender lagging behind. I’m completely open downfield and waving for the ball which is already on its way. It hits me with such force it knocks me back a little but I clutch it tightly, regain myself and begin my march downfield.

I’m on the fifty, then the forty with no one around.  I might be able to do it, my first catch in the Super-Bowl could be the first scoring play. I’m so pumped and excited I fail to realize the defender flying through the air in my direction. He hits me so hard the ball goes flying, luckily out of play so my team remains possession. I hit the ground with him on top of me and slide a couple feet before stopping. He pops up, screams some profanities my way, spewing spit along with them and runs back over to his teammates.

I, I can’t move. I’m motionless on the field as my trainer and teammates come over. I look down and my leg is not in it’s natural position. It’s angle is enough to know I won’t be playing for the remaining game. The only appearance I’ll make once I’m wheeled off the field is in that second half commercial. I can’t believe I just caught a pass in the Super-Bowl and it may have ended my career. It could be the very last pass I’ll ever be on the opposite end of. Man this thing everybody calls life can be a real bitch.Denver Broncos v Houston Texans

This is just a little story I needed to write today to get a bit of the tension I’ve felt in my own life lately out. The Super-Bowl will be played later today and is probably the most exciting thing to ever happen to a lot of the players coaches and fans, but things can change so quickly. I have come to the realization that every day should be your best day ever and every moment enjoyed for what it is because you never know when things can change and what the next moment has in store for you.

I’ll be spending my evening hanging with my wife and rooting for the Broncos. How are you going to enjoy your day?