From the What If? movie studio

I haven’t done a What If? movie poster in over a year now but tonight I had an idea and a little extra time.

Super hero movies are all the rage at the theatre and zombies rule the TV screen so how could a movie that combined the two fail?


I will try to share more movie ideas as soon as they pop into my head. If you have an idea and think it could be made into a good movie poster let me know.

What if you could choose to have a superpower?

Okay, what if you were given one superpower and had to pick it yourself? What would you choose as your new power. Super strength or speed, the ability to fly, invisibility, etc…

superheroesYou can only have one, so what will it be? Most people probably don’t even think about it and can just blurt out their answer immediately, bur for me, this is a tough decision. I can’t help but see the problems with each of these abilities instead of the gains.
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