What if your workplace was where you first discovered the Zombie virus?

The morning began the same as every other. I made the long journey down a few lonely roads at a time when most of the folks around were sleeping. I arrived my normal fifteen minutes early just in time to catch the coffee pot before it was emptied by my co-workers.

Then I headed down the long stretch past cubicle after cubicle until I saw the dimly lighted space I would call home for the next ten hours. Something seemed a little off this morning. The office was a lot quieter than usual. The few sounds that waffled through the air were more like muffled moans and screeching than the normal gossip I was used to.

Finally, a familiar face was in front of me.

“Have you seen them? It’s weird right?” Frank asked me as I stood there puzzled.

“Seen them? What are you talking about?”

I wondered if Frank was up to another of his office tricks. He was always starting a rumor or proposing a gag to play on the others in the workplace. Was I the recipient this time?

“They said it’s a virus. Everyone is susceptible to it but someone in the office must have been a carrier because there are a lot of people here infected.”

Okay, now I knew he was up to something. What was his hope though, that I would freak out in front of everybody? I wasn’t about to give him the pleasure of that.

“Yeah, okay. I get all worried and then someone jumps out of the closest cubicle hoping I scream or piss my pants right? I’m not falling for it Frank.” I said feeling proud.

No, tell you what. Just go look in the break room. You’ll understand. Don’t go in though, it might not end well.” Frank said more serious than I expected.

“Fine. I’ll play along” I mumbled as I headed toward the break area.

The door was closed which was a bit unusual. Everyone was in and out all day and no one wanted the hassle of opening the heavy wooden door each trip. It was probably all part of Frank’s scheme. The door had a large window I could look in without the need of entering so I figured as soon as I peered through someone was going to jump out or spray something at the window hoping to startle me.

Neither happened. No one jumped, nothing flew at the window but what I saw made my mouth drop. There was Liz, Ronnie and a delivery guy whose name I didn’t know wondering around aimlessly on the other side of the door. At least what used to be them anyway.



Their skin was a weird gray-blue color and their eyes appeared lifeless. I could smell a distinct odor coming from the room the closer I got.

“See, it’s a Zombie outbreak. It’s been on the news.” Frank said to me approaching from behind.

“What are we doing about it?” I questioned quickly.

“Staying out of their way mostly. As long as you don’t get too close or let one bite you it can’t effect you.”

“But, but… What’s going to happen to them?”

“A couple sick days I guess and then back to the grind. Lucky bastards.” Frank’s response made my mouth gape open further than it ever had before.

“What’s going on here? Get back to work you two.” Bossman Bill screeched at us breaking the hope he was one of the affected “All these sickies we are dealing with means there is twice as much work for everyone else. No time to be standing around gawking.”

I scurried away and sat down at my desk contemplating where to start. Should I be worried? Was it just a virus that would pass? All the knowledge I had was from movies, TV and comics and in all of them zombie stories always ended badly.

Then again I really needed this job even if I hated it. I needed to worry about myself and forget all the weirdness around me. The two zombies reaching through the wall from the other side made staying focused awfully difficult.


I kept wiping off my desk as their drool dripped down. I figured I needed to keep the disinfectant handy and luckily, I had always been a bit of a neat freak anyway. I have to say the fact that the office was emptier than usual was a bit of a plus when it came to getting my work done. Even with the threat of a zombie attack I was on a roll. I was pumping out quarterly earnings reports faster than a zombie eats through a brain.

Bossman Bill even stopped by to thank me for my hard work and not freaking out about the whole virus situation. I think it was the first time he had ever said anything positive about my work. All in all it was a pretty great day. Wonder what tomorrow will have in store?

What if you got sucked into your blog?

iphone-338961_150Just imagine you are at your laptop, your smartphone or whatever device you use and one of your favorite blogs graces the screen. You are reading, maybe laughing a bit, maybe cringing at the thoughts produced, you are enjoying your time in the blogging world. Then suddenly a blast of light from your device envelops you and everything goes dark.

You awake a bit groggy, disoriented and upon looking at your surroundings it only gets worse. Around all you can see is words, pictures, cartoons, rows of faces and lists galore. What has happened and where are you. You begin walking until you bump into a large button that reads follow. Wait, are you inside your own blog?

How did this happen? How do you get out? You think “I can’t be stuck in the blogging world, I’ve got too much to do. How can I type my post if I am a part of them?” Then again, this could be fun. You might be able to find the inside track on blogging, quite literally.

So where should you begin? You decide to make the climb to the top of the page and see if you can change the current surroundings, after all you already know what’s on your own page. Where to check out first? You decide to head to the daily post and see what might be happening over there.

It works! You are now a blogging traveler, able to make the jump from one to the next with ease. The term blog-hop is taking on a whole new meaning. You begin to realize just how alive the stories on these blogs are as they take form around you. The posts, the thoughts, the fiction were always entertaining, but now they become enchanting.

railroad-166535_150Cars crash right in front of you, the werewolves howl so loud it is almost deafening and the vacation you always wanted to take seems to be happening all around. The animals talk while you listen and the tears flow as you watch the sadness unfold. The world is yours and you can travel wherever your will takes you. You have fun bouncing from one post to the next and you always try to remember to bound upon the like button.

Look out, that pingback almost hit you as it passed!

It’s getting dangerous around here. You need to be more careful. Most blogs are harmless, only there to entertain but if you end up on one that wants to trap you it could be the end. There may be no escape. Then there is the spam to consider. These blogs are crawling with it. You have to work around it and at the same time hope the spam filter doesn’t mistake you and boot you out.

Maybe it’s time you found the way back to the outside land. As fun and entertaining as all these blogs are there is too much to keep you busy in the real world. If you stay stuck inside the blog there may be nothing to inspire your next post.

Where would you go if you were sucked into the blogging universe? How would you spend your time? Can you imagine being a part of the stories? A virtual wonderland to navigate as you wished.

What if ice cream didn’t melt?

I found this weird story on twitter today. It is a bit cringe worthy and made me worry/wonder about other products. The video below may frighten you.

What if your ice cream didn’t melt? Would you still eat it?

I don’t know about you, but I am not planning to buy any of these sandwiches anytime soon! Just what is in these and what does it do once it’s inside our bodies? Does it melt then or go through the digestive system intact, then slide out the same as it came in? Uuggh, I think I just grossed myself out.

I usually don’t share anything other than my own thoughts and stories here on this blog, but this was just too weird to keep to myself and worked as a what if. Don’t worry though, I don’t plan to make a habit of shareing weird videos or stories.

What if I could “clear the mechanism”?

There was a Kevin Costner movie a few years ago called For Love of the Game. It starred Costner as an aging MLB pitcher for the Detroit Tigers nearing the end of his Hall of Fame career. He was pitching what might be his final game in enemy territory at Yankee stadium. Anyone who follows baseball knows that Yankee fans are very loud, especially on their home turf. Costner’s character was able to free his mind from any of the outside distractions or noise using a technique I always admired and sometimes wish was an ability I possessed.

Pitcher Billy Chapel (Costner’s character’s name) would lean down before his pitch, take a moment and close his eyes while thinking to himself the phrase “Clear the mechanism”. When he reopened his eyes the only thing other than himself that was on the field was the catcher. There were no other players, umpires or even a batter. Also there was no noise. The fans were not a part of the equation any more. It was just him throwing the ball wherever he wanted and the catcher catching it. It didn’t matter how loud the fans or opposing players were, they had no effect on his effort.
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What if winter was as confused as we are?

snow-161423_640So I am sitting in my living room tonight in a pair of shorts and t-shirt trying to cool off. I spent the afternoon at work sweating my ass off and couldn’t wait to get home, shower and then turn on the fan. Want to know what is so unusual about that? For one it has been one of the coldest winters in recent memory all over the U.S. with mountains of snow piling up in several states.

I live in North Carolina myself and just one week ago today we were in our third day of freezing rain, sleet and snow. We received over a foot all together and I personally lost power at my house for more than sixteen hours. Me, the wife and animals were all huddled up together with a small kerosene heater as the only source of heat and a few candles lit so we could see.

Then on Friday the 14th I heard about an earthquake not far from where I live. I didn’t feel it but according to news reports I probably should have. So just to sum up the last week or so on last Tuesday we received a couple inches of snow, Wednesday more snow, some ice and sleet, Thursday more snow and ice, Friday clear but freezing, roads messy and an earthquake. Skip forward to today and we have 70+ degrees.

Tomorrow the forecast is for thunderstorms. One radio report I heard today said we had a 100% chance of thunderstorms. I mean come on, just how much weirder can this weather get? I am starting to believe the most confused person this winter might be winter itself. Maybe all the talk of global warming has caused his mind to slip and he can’t figure out the best way to handle it.

So for now I am trying to stay cool for the first time this winter while staring at my heater and stack of blankets that just recently were my only sources of warmth. To top it off I heard talk today of another possible snowstorm that may be heading our way by next Friday. Just another episode in the weirdest winter ever.

What if the apocalypse wasn’t so popular?

Why is it that as a species, humans are so intrigued by the thought of the apocalypse? No matter the form, the end of everything as we know it is written about, talked about or debated on almost constantly. It’s not only the religious aspects of the apocalypse such as the four horsemen either, it’s every possible scenario we can find.

I’ve even been guilty of indulging in the end of times myself. Two of my favorite TV shows either revolve around or have themes that use the apocalypse as subject matter. The Walking Dead is one of the most popular television series out now or recently and it is nothing but constant death and pain during a Zombie Apocalypse. Supernatural has visited and re-visited almost every possible scenario of a biblical apocalypse, went past it and found new ways to create the possible end to civilization. The thing is, I enjoy almost every minute of these shows and their end it all stories.

On several occasions on my blogs I’ve been known to mention the forthcoming Robot Apocalypse. Machines are one day almost surely going to develop into an artificial intelligence that enslaves mankind. Why is it I feel this way? Maybe because I have seen or heard stories about this possibility almost my entire life. The ways may be different, but the result is almost always the same. Robots will enslave us!
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What if a pill could cure the kill?

Today’s Daily Prompt: Placebo Effect asks if you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?

I started watching a new show on TV this season called The Tomorrow People. It is about a group of evolved humans who have the ability to teleport themselves, read minds and move things by thought. Their only imperfection to becoming the ultimate human species is the inability to kill. Every time one attempts to kill someone they break down and collapse, unable to complete the kill.

pills-drugs-155657_640Watching this show and then seeing this prompt made me start thinking. What if the inability to kill each other is anything but an imperfection. What if I could create a pill that made this a human trait. What if we were unable to kill another human? What could this mean to the world as a whole?

How would wars be fought if the threat of killing was removed from the table? World leaders would be playing tic-tac-toe or rock-papers-scissors to decide our fate. What would gangs have to do if they couldn’t threaten one another with a drive-by? Maybe they would band together to create better communities.

All assassins would be out of a job. Police would have more time to concentrate on crimes like robbery and drugs. Just imagine if you took suicide away from humans, no one can even kill themselves. We can do away with all the bombs and automatic weapons.

What would we watch on television if you remove killing from the stories? All cop dramas, supernatural thrillers and most of the investigation shows would be gone. How would CBS and the ID channel survive? I wonder if zombies would fall under the can’t kill category? They are humans but already dead, so can we kill them again or would they run wild?

Of course we need to be able to keep the ability to kill other species. Our food supply depends on that. And I’d hate to think how many pests we would have to deal with if we could not kill any mosquitos, roaches, mice and the like. What situations have I not thought of that the inability to kill other humans would create? What are your thoughts?

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