What if it was a time to be thankful?

It would seem the Holidays have snuck up on us for another year. Turkey day is right around the corner followed by celebrations of almost every form and including most everyone on earth. Whether it’s Happy Holidays, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas or Season’s Greeting’s the days ahead will be about family and time spent together.

I figured it was a great time for me to talk about being thankful but decided on a blog called Okay, What if? I needed to do it a little differently. So the following is a short list of what if’s for the holidays that make me thankful for what I have.


turkey-152050_6401) What if I didn’t get to stuff myself full of great food? What if I didn’t love ham and turkey so much? What if sweets were not a part of holiday events?


2) What if I didn’t have a home to sleep in? What if my decorations were pinned to a cardboard box? What if my neighbors were the furry critters living on the street?


3) What if I didn’t have great friends and family to share the holidays with? What if I was alone? What if I was lost with no where to go?


4) What if Santa hadn’t visited me as a child? What if he hadn’t been there for me as an adult as well? What if my parents hadn’t taught me that receiving is nice, but giving is what makes the holidays a celebration?


christmas-ornament-498616_6405) What if I hadn’t met my loving wife? What if she wasn’t willing to put up with my silliness? What if I didn’t love her so much?


6) What if a little more than a year ago I hadn’t started blogging? What if my stories and thoughts were still stuck in my head? What if I hadn’t found so many friends among the other bloggers?



I think it’s a good start to the season but I know I may think of more.

I really want to send a thank you to those who have made my days as a blogger so much fun.

What if I survived an entire year of blogging?

Yes folks. It’s been a full year since I joined the blogosphere with an idea. An idea about the possibility of the what if’s of the world. Who knew I could be here a full year later and still be coming up with new ideas for posts?

Granted it’s been a little slow around here lately, but that’s because of a few things keeping me busy in my personal life and not a mental block or lack of ideas. Believe me they still come to me daily, I just need the time and energy to share them. Hopefully that will pick up soon.

00-30-55-141_150All in all I am quite proud of what this site has become. I have enjoyed the interactions with other bloggers I now call friends and seeing how they react to my what if scenarios and even enjoying some of theirs. I have used the experience I learned here to launch two other blogs I also enjoy. I have reached deep inside myself and found a part of me I didn’t know still existed.

This other me is the creative one. He has been extremely grateful to have found a place to share his poems, short stories and just random thoughts. In the last 365 days there has been nearly 300 posts, over 20000 views and more than 2500 comments made on the blog. I would have laughed at the start if someone told me a year later these stats would be true.

Over the next few days I will reshare a few of my first posts along with a couple of my favorites. I hope to continue to grow the world of What if’s long into the future while keeping the ideas fresh, creative and sometimes maybe a bit weird. Thanks to all those who have come along for the ride so far and I look forward to entertaining many more in the future.

I have already had a couple great bloggers join in to share their what if ideas here on the site and I would gladly accept a few more into the family. If you have any thoughts or ideas you think could make a great post or think you could contribute to the site please let me know at thoughts@okaywhatif.com or thenotoriousjed@gmail.com.

What if I could roll with the punches?

I was reading comments today and I received one from a good blogging friend on my recent post What if I just wanted to scream? and he mentioned his hopefulness things were getting better. I just want to say they are slowly getting better. Today marks three weeks since I received the call my dad had passed and it sent shockwaves through my world. I think the aftershocks have finally quieted down and the seas are calming.

I’ve began my way back on my blogs having recently posted a fiction story I was proud of at JED’s Playhouse and my last post here was a more humorous one than I had done in a while and I enjoyed the response and comments I have received on both. I just agreed to take on a new exciting challenge submitted to me by Cimmorene with her Miss Nomer challenge. It sounds like a lot of fun so check it out and sponsor a contestant if you like the idea. You have until March 1st before the challenge goes live.

The family seems to be doing well. We are all still getting along and trying to check in on mom as much as possible. She is a tough woman who is able to handle most anything, but after almost fifty years with dad it’s been a change she was not close to being ready for. She is taking it day by day just as the rest of us and we are all trying to support her as much as possible without being overbearing or pushy.

I guess it’s a little like that classic song says

“I get knocked down, but I get up again. You’re never gonna keep me down”

Then there is some random thing about pissing and I get confused but the part about getting up fits well. I just want everyone to know I am doing good and trying to roll with the punches, take life by the horns, get back on the saddle, dance to the beat of a different drum, ask not what your country can do – wait a minute. I think I got a bit off track somewhere.

Thank you all for the support you have given and stay tuned for much more to come. Thank you also goes out to my new authors who have helped keep the blog a lively place these last few weeks. Looks like there is going to be some enjoyable reads for a long time coming. What if you stuck around and enjoyed them?

What if I welcomed some company?

These last few weeks I made a decision to expand Okay, What if? and add a few more authors/contributors to the sight. I asked for volunteers and it’s time to welcome some new bloggers to my site. I’m still okay with a couple more contributors so if you think you could add to our little what if world just let me know. I hope to start seeing posts from the new site author’s very soon.

robOur first new addition is a fairly established well known blogger who has been a major factor in my own development over the last six months. He has spent a large amount of his comments here on the site encouraging me and helping build the sites audience even without being an official part of the site. Rob who is best known for his own blog Rob’s Surf Report where he has been entertaining his audience since 2010. He has recently established his very own writing challenge unlike any other. The Genre Haiku Challenge is in it’s third month and going very well. check it out when you get the time.
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What if you had a box of chocolates while naked at work?

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for the weird title but just so you know it is a melding of my two most popular posts based on views from 2013. The two posts were What if life really is like a box of chocolates? from August 18 and What if you had to go to work naked? from August 1 and they have helped generate more than a thousand views for the site.

If you Google the terms “work naked” or “box of chocolates quote” right now my posts are usually showing up on the first page. Go ahead and try it, I’ll wait. That just makes me smile for some reason. Everyday I get quite a few search engine referred visits just from these two posts alone. It’s amazing how many people are interested in being naked while at work or a quote about chocolates from a movie released in 1994. I just hope some of the visitors stick around and check out some of my other content. I feel my site has gotten so much better and I’ve become a better blogger and writer since these posts were written in August.

It’s a bit crazy to realize this post I am now writing and hopefully you will be reading soon is my 250th post on the site. I started for fun thinking it probably wouldn’t last and here I am 250 posts later in a new year and even started a second blog recently. Continue reading

What if I had 20,000 followers? Not yet but OKAY, WHAT IF?

300 is a nice number isn’t it. I like it. It’s nice and simple. 300 – A three and two zeros, three total numbers. It was even a pretty decent movie. Now thanks to Steven Cottingham from Just After Words it’s the total number of followers on my blog.

Not sure why I find that total so astonishing. I hit 50 and thought wow. Then I hit 100 and said that’s pretty cool. With 200 I was drooling just at the thought. Now I’ve hit that 300 mark and all I can do is keep writing 300 and then start thinking, I wonder just how far I can go.

If I use movie titles I could strive for 1000 (House of 1000 Corpses), then go for 2000 (Death Race 2000), next could be 3000 (Mr. 3000)  and I figure why stop there. There is always goals of 10,000 (10,000 B.C.) or 20,000 (20,000 Leagues under the Sea)

But anyway I’m just rambling now. To each and every follower I thank you. For everyone who has read, liked or commented on a post I thank you. To everyone who has blogged a little themselves and kept this community strong I thank you.

black-41640_640With every post I appreciate this community more and more. I enjoy telling my stories and being a little weird and creepy at times. I normally try to add some humor so I don’t seem quite as weird.

I’ve also enjoyed the ability to read other’s stories, ideas and thoughts everyday. I’ve come to the realization that all those people on Facebook posting recipes and funny little photos just don’t know what they are are missing out on.  My Facebook friends are acquaintances, but my wordpress friends are my family.

I think you all know who you are. Thanks again for allowing me into your world the last few months. I hope you don’t mind but I have found the place very cozy and think I might just stay a while.

Looking forward to the next post in my reader and the next comment on my blog. Is it going to be your comment that makes me smile today?

What if I was a bit amazed?

In July 2013 this site began as an idea to have some fun and share some cranky thoughts. I was welcomed into the blogging community and received 434 views in that first month.

In August 2013 I continued my posts almost everyday and the blog evolved into a more fun and entertaining site than a place to be cranky. I changed the look and the tagline of the site and discovered a lot of fellow blogs and bloggers I enjoyed immensely. The site received 1440 views in August and I enjoyed everyday and every like or comment.

In September 2013 I started a new project with the What if writing challenge? The response has been outstanding and the challenge just entered it’s third week. The posts and responses to the challenges have helped to solidify my new found love of blogging. I’ve enjoyed every post and found some new blogs to keep my mind occupied. The site has received an amazing 1795 views in just over two weeks so far in September.

These numbers just keep getting bigger and I am amazed each time a new like or comment appears. I think back to those first few weeks and I remember posting on another site that I was not getting a lot of traffic and hardly any comments. Just a couple months later and I noticed on my dashboard I have over 700 approved comments. That is unbelievable and I am stunned at the amount of enjoyment they have all brought.

I’ve said it before but believe it needs to be said as much as possible so I will say it again. Thank you to everyone who has helped me enjoy these last few months so much. Whether you followed, commented, liked or just visited and read a little of my random thoughts I really appreciate the time you have given to my little spot in the cyber world.

A few other amazing numbers you have recently helped me achieve. Please give yourselves a big round of applause. Without you, none of these would be possible.

followed-blog-200-1xSeptember 8 this blog had its 200th follower

likeable-blog-1000-1xSeptember 10 this blog had its 1000th like


September 13 this blog had its 3500th view

Can you see why I am amazed? I’m not ready to lose my amazement any time soon so I’m going to keep posting and hope you keep enjoying it. Much more to come so please stay tuned.