What if it was a time to be thankful?

It would seem the Holidays have snuck up on us for another year. Turkey day is right around the corner followed by celebrations of almost every form and including most everyone on earth. Whether it’s Happy Holidays, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas or Season’s Greeting’s the days ahead will be about family and time spent together.

I figured it was a great time for me to talk about being thankful but decided on a blog called Okay, What if? I needed to do it a little differently. So the following is a short list of what if’s for the holidays that make me thankful for what I have.


turkey-152050_6401) What if I didn’t get to stuff myself full of great food? What if I didn’t love ham and turkey so much? What if sweets were not a part of holiday events?


2) What if I didn’t have a home to sleep in? What if my decorations were pinned to a cardboard box? What if my neighbors were the furry critters living on the street?


3) What if I didn’t have great friends and family to share the holidays with? What if I was alone? What if I was lost with no where to go?


4) What if Santa hadn’t visited me as a child? What if he hadn’t been there for me as an adult as well? What if my parents hadn’t taught me that receiving is nice, but giving is what makes the holidays a celebration?


christmas-ornament-498616_6405) What if I hadn’t met my loving wife? What if she wasn’t willing to put up with my silliness? What if I didn’t love her so much?


6) What if a little more than a year ago I hadn’t started blogging? What if my stories and thoughts were still stuck in my head? What if I hadn’t found so many friends among the other bloggers?



I think it’s a good start to the season but I know I may think of more.

I really want to send a thank you to those who have made my days as a blogger so much fun.

11/25/2013 Writing challenge. What if you could be thankful?

Okay today’s topic is not as far our as my usual topics, but I need a little help getting into the holiday spirit. Maybe you can be the one to help me with that. This weeks subject is all about being thankful.

handshake-46200_640What if you could tell anyone that you were thankful for them or something they had done to make a difference in your life?

The person you thank doesn’t have to be a real person, they can be living, dead or even fictional. As a matter of fact, they don’t even need to be a person. Are you thankful for the fish you caught at age nine because it brought you and your dad closer together? Now is the time to let that fish know. Don’t worry about how, I have my ways to get in touch with him so he’ll know.

Anything goes so have a little fun, but be thankful. This is all about the good things this week.

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