What if vampires participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

The ALS ice bucket challenge is pretty much everywhere today and has even made it’s way into the town of Bon Temps where the True Blood series takes place. The locals felt they needed to get involved but decided to do it their own way.


Bill was the first to take the challenge. He thought of it as a bit of fun for a good cause, but he prefers warm blood to the bucket of cold blood filled with ice. He challenged Sookie and a few others.


Sookie was all for the chance to help out, but was too stunned by the blood to throw out her own challenge to anyone else. No one informed her the bucket would be filled with blood instead of water since Bill had issued the challenge.


Lafayette was more than willing to be a dumper, but resistant at the thought of being the dumpee. He said he was way too pretty and not willing to chance ruining it. He was quite happy to be the one dousing Sookie though.

What if we lived in a True Blood world?

Note: this is a random post about one of my favorite programs. It contains information from recent shows, not really spoilers but if you haven’t seen recent episodes and normally watch them you may not want to continue reading.

Okay, what if our world was like the one in HBO’s True Blood tv show (I haven’t read the books so I will only use my tv knowledge)? If you have never seen it or lost touch since the beginnings, it is a world full of vampires of course but also fairies, werewolves, shape shifters and blood soaked naked women. Just recently they introduced a fairy vampire. You read that correctly and if you’re picturing a big guy with fangs dancing in a pink tutu that’s not the fairy I mean, shame on you for that thought.

I consider myself to be a fan of this show, but sometimes have to ponder why. The stories are spread out between way too many characters and you don’t know from one week to the next who the good and bad guys are. They all seem to flip-flop back and forth several times a season, yet I’m right there every week watching. I’m not sure if the story, the violence and blood, the sex and nudity or the fantasy of it all is what keeps me riveted. I know for certain it’s not the acting as some of the stars could definitely try harder. Watching the Tara character running and screaming gets old and Sookie’s cry face has to be one of the worst things ever shown on TV. Continue reading