From the What If? movie studio

I haven’t done a What If? movie poster in over a year now but tonight I had an idea and a little extra time.

Super hero movies are all the rage at the theatre and zombies rule the TV screen so how could a movie that combined the two fail?


I will try to share more movie ideas as soon as they pop into my head. If you have an idea and think it could be made into a good movie poster let me know.

What if I was too old/too childish to enjoy the Simpsons?

I was born in 1974 and spent my early years watching every cartoon I could. My afternoons were spent with the Transformers, G. I. Joe and Scooby-Doo. My Saturday mornings were always about Spider-Man, He-Man and sometimes, yes I admit Josie and the Pussycats. I still know every Smurf’s name and sometimes speak in cartoon tongues (you know, things like “want a Scooby snack” “be very quiet, we huntin rabbit” and “wonder twin powers, activate” at the completely wrong times).


I grew a little older and as a budding adult was introduced to the town of Springfield and the Simpsons family. I spent many years hanging out with the wonderful people of this colorful world. There were a few times in life when I wished I could be as brave as Lisa, as mischievous as Bart, as unnoticed as Maggie, as forgiving as Marge or as clueless as Homer. I wished I could have a frank discussion with Comic Book Guy about the state of Super-Hero lore or spend a day with Otto and maybe share in his haze. An evening at Moe’s and a Duff beer with friends wouldn’t be a bad way to spend some time either.

homersimpsonEventually, I’m not sure when, I moved on. I decided Bart’s antics were not as humorous anymore and Homer was a bit of a dope (d’oh!-pe?). Saying things like “eat my shorts” “Don’t have a cow man” and “Why you little!” just felt weird. They just made people look at me funny and instead of the joy I got from my other cartoony phrases, I felt embarrassed. I decided these were better suited to TV land than the real world, although I do still occasionally use “Excellent!” while wearing a sinister grin and lightly tapping my fingers together.

There were many other places for me to visit now. The TV was filled with cartoons like Family Guy, American Dad and South Park. I have spoken a bit about my addiction to these ridiculously hilarious programs before. I am almost always in front of my TV on Sunday nights for Fox’s Animation Domination programming block and adult swim on the cartoon network is where my remote stops nearly every evening. I admit it, I’m an immature kid at heart. I can’t help it. After spending a day worrying about bills, work and everything else the day throws at me I need a little immaturity.

Recently I saw a few advertisements for FXX running a twelve day every episode marathon of The Simpsons. Something like 552 episodes back to back to back to…well you know what a marathon is I’m sure. I have spent a few evenings and mornings since this started flipping channels looking for something to watch. I have passed by the FXX channel several times and seen the Simpson’s playing. I have not felt the need to turn it there yet, even when I could find nothing else on.

homerThen a couple days ago, somewhere in the back of my mind, a little voice spoke to me and said “You will not tune in to the marathon. You will resist and be able to say you didn’t watch a single episode during the momentous twelve day event!” Since then I keep flipping past and wondering what did the Simpsons ever do to me? Why after they gave me so much enjoyment have I abandoned the folks of Springfield? I have no answers.

Have I become too old for their brand of humor? Did I just tire of it? Have the newer, raunchier cartoon programs spoiled me? Do I need my cartoon character’s to curse, make rude sexual comments and cause world destroying chaos? Again, I have no answers.

If the answer to any of these questions is yes does that mean I have grown too old for the Simpsons or too immature? Am I becoming dependent on raunchy, disgusting, derogatory humor? Is the world following along suit with me? After all think about the state of today’s entertainment, especially here in the U.S.. So many movies and TV shows are about more than the story. The amount of entertainment is measured by the total nude scenes, genitalia references or swear words and we are eating it up.

I’m not necessarily saying any of this is a bad thing, just a bit of my mind wandering for this evening. It’s about time for me to finish my thought’s though, American Dad just came on the Cartoon Network. I believe this may be the one where Steve orders a mail order bride and him and his friends try to get her to take her clothes off. Or maybe it’s the one where he trades medicine for booze with a meth head who later is shot after they all break into a young girl’s bedroom. Either way I plan to watch it again and leave Bart to his playing hooky or pranking schoolteacher antics.

Although I may not be watching the Simpsons today, it seems they are still very much on my mind. I kind of wish I could get a little advice from Marge right about now. I swear I’d refrain from replying “Ay, Caramba” if she would just tell me if I should be worried about myself!



What if vampires participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

The ALS ice bucket challenge is pretty much everywhere today and has even made it’s way into the town of Bon Temps where the True Blood series takes place. The locals felt they needed to get involved but decided to do it their own way.


Bill was the first to take the challenge. He thought of it as a bit of fun for a good cause, but he prefers warm blood to the bucket of cold blood filled with ice. He challenged Sookie and a few others.


Sookie was all for the chance to help out, but was too stunned by the blood to throw out her own challenge to anyone else. No one informed her the bucket would be filled with blood instead of water since Bill had issued the challenge.


Lafayette was more than willing to be a dumper, but resistant at the thought of being the dumpee. He said he was way too pretty and not willing to chance ruining it. He was quite happy to be the one dousing Sookie though.

What if The Walking Dead’s zombie stars were hounded by paparazzi?

Zombies are everywhere today. They are the real stars of one of the most popular shows on television, so why aren’t the paparazzi constantly trying for a candid pic? Why does TMZ never show any interviews? Is somebody getting paid off to keep quiet about the unsanitary antics of these stars?

Getting close to these Walkers should be pretty easy. If you just hang out long enough at the graveyard you are bound to spot one. The stories are all there and people want to hear about them. I did a little digging (pun intended) myself and found out some information that everyone will be astonished by.

Here are a few examples of what we could see if the paparazzi and Hollywood reporters would just do their jobs.zombiegirl

The stories of after parties and cast hook-ups the female zombie pictured here could tell you would make you laugh, cry and cringe. Did she spend a night with two of the show’s biggest stars? Did the drunken orgies include toothless zombies sticking severed limbs in unmentionable places? She is willing to talk if somebody wants to listen. How about it Hollywood Reporter, Variety Magazine or Entertainment Television?


The food provided on set will disgust you. You wouldn’t believe what makes the cut and is laid out for the zombies. It seems the food is seldom cleaned and clothing is usually left on. There also is never any variety, just the same thing every day. I would have thought the budget for the show would provide for adequate meals for all involved, but the zombies will tell you differently.

It’s easy to see why they feel their contributions to the show are not appreciated. I’ve even talked to a few who have mentioned a strike. Could the show survive without it’s zombie stars? I don’t think so.


The security on set is questionable at best. The zombie wannabes are always trying to get on the lot. You never see mobs of people dressed and acting like Rick, Daryl or Michonne and that should tell you something about the real stars of the show. There have been times where the only way to keep the mob out is for these actor’s to get involved. The mob of wannabe zombies roaming outside the filming locations are a sight most find a little scary, but what’s ever scarier is when one makes it on set. Some try to prove they could be among the shows greats by biting anyone involved in the show’s creation. On set medical teams are on constant alert according to my sources.

If I can find all this out you know the professional’s have access as well. Why the public is not given this information is anybody’s guess, but I truly believe that either the network or show’s creators are suppressing any news to make sure the zombies will never get credit as the true stars they are. If the people knew more about them and how important the zombies were to the show’s success they would realize it as well. Once they started asking for raises citing the show’s popularity, the profits would be cut significantly.


These guys even claimed to have pics from the changing rooms of a few of the star zombies. They were willing to part with them for a sizable fee claiming I wouldn’t believe the photos and would be given exclusive rights. I admit the thought of seeing scantily clad or clothe less zombies is a bit intriguing, but I have a few morals and decided to let them keep these to sell to someone else. Still it proves my point the stories and pictures are out there.

When will the paparazzi decide these stories are too important to keep hidden? I feel it won’t be long before we see zombies being interviewed on Good Morning America and I am all for it. I think we should be on social sites astonished and angry after the zombie deaths just like we are with the human ones. Give them their due and a little respect. Zombie’s were once people too!

What if we had a 24 hour Good News Network?

Welcome to AGNN, the all good news, all the time network!agnn

How often do you hear someone say “I don’t watch the news. It’s always depressing.” or “They never report anything good, only the bad things.”

I have even been known to utter these phrases myself a few times. Still I find myself tuning in, hoping they finally found that lost airplane or a few survivors from that terrible landslide.

I listen as the anchors talk about the latest killing or drunk driver running down a pedestrian. I’m still there when they mention the latest deaths from a bombing in a country I’ve never heard of and again when they relay the story of a malnourished child whose parents had locked in their room for days all alone.
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What if I’m just not ready for this aging thing?

Okay, I am just a few months shy of my fortieth birthday and something has come to my attention. Aging really sucks! I know some of you out there are probably saying “forty, that’s not old” or “you don’t know anything about aging just yet”. To that I say maybe not, but I’m learning quickly.


Pictures courtesy of

In reference to aging I’m not talking about the aches and pains (which I have) or certain parts that sag more than they used to (have that too). No what has really bothered me lately is the lack of technical knowledge. It’s only been a couple years since everyone in the family used to come to me to ask about the latest computer or new technology. What phone should I get or which computer would be better were regular questions and I always had a great suggestion I was comfortable giving.

So the other day someone asked me about a Smart TV and I tried to answer to the best of my ability. My problem was I really didn’t have the answer. I didn’t know and was lost just at the thought. When did this happen? When did technology bypass me?

mp3-player-157946_640The more I thought about it the more it upset me. I realized I don’t own a smart phone or an I-pad and don’t know a lot about them. I understand what an app is but that’s about all. If you start a TV conversation talking about pixels, refresh rate or browsers your probably going to lose me fairly quickly. What’s the differences between android systems? Yeah, right. Like I could tell you that.

I keep thinking, why does my eight year old nephew know more about my new laptop than I do? How long before I’m one of those older folks making comments like “I don’t understand all this new technology” or “I don’t even know how to turn on one of those.” Not very long it seems. So I started to wonder what are my options? Should I just not worry about it or do I need to catch up with the times?

Right now there are new gaming systems being released that I know nothing about. I heard a discussion about the differences and what made the X-box one better than the PS4 or vice versa and I was lost. I didn’t completely understand half the conversation. I just don’t know how much more of this I can take!

tablet-199224_150Has anyone seen that commercial where the guy uses his phone to turn off everything in his house including the water faucet even though he isn’t home? That guy looks to be older than forty and he seems to have the hang of new technology so why not me? I consider myself to be a fairly smart guy who can pick up almost anything if I really put my mind to it. So any suggestions for me? Can I catch up or is technology just changing too fast for this aging brain?

It might just be too late. I’m afraid the next time I purchase a new TV I’m going to need to get some Geek Squad support.

What if I offered my blog for your entertainment?

The following infomercial has been inspired by todays Daily Prompt: As seen on TV which asks you to write a script for a late-night infomercial — where the product is your blog. How do you market yourself? What qualities do you embody that other “products” don’t? What are the benefits of reading your blog?

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Okay, What if?

A blog unlike the ordinary, but rather extraordinary.


Where else will you find stories that involve zombies, bigfoot or talking dogs? Okay you can find these almost anywhere but I bet you never read about a clone death match before! What about a cell phone call that might bring about the end to human kind?

You’ll see these stories and more just by visiting Okay, what if? There is no cover charge but a little interaction is highly recommended. If you like something you can easily let someone know by hitting that button that says like. If you want to comment you should be sure to add it to the section that says comments and soon you will receive a response straight from the sites author. Where else can you get service like that?

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