What if I added a new feature to the site?

I decided it was time to add a new feature to the site. A while back I did a post asking for others to send me their ideas for a What if topic and I would do my best to write a post based on their idea. It worked well and a couple fun posts came out of it.

Later today I will be re-blogging a fun What if post from a blogger who has been exploring her own what if scenarios on her site after finding inspiration here. Seeing her post about What if life was like the Sims? made me realize there are many subjects out there that could be explored that I don’t have knowledge to do. I have never played the Sims so I wouldn’t have any idea about life as a Sim, but reading someone else’s post about it was entertaining.

For those reasons I have decided to add a permanent feature where you can submit an idea for a what if topic or submit a post of your own. The feature is listed on the side of every page so you can get to it at anytime. This way you can have your post featured here on the site without needing to become an active author or editor of the site. Credit will always be given with your name and blog listed unless you wish to remain anonymous. You can choose to publish your post on your own blog before submitting or re-blog the post from this sight once published here.


I hope to see some new great ideas and fun posts from this feature. Let’s see just how random we can get with a scenario started by a what if? Thank you to everyone for reading and being along for the ride.

What if we started a Blog Fight Club? Part Two

Okay I received a lot of positive response to my initial idea to start a blog fight club. I have done a little behind the scenes work and a little more thinking on the subject.

I picked up the blog name http://blogfightclub.wordpress.com and have done an initial layout. I plan to lose the wordpress part but the money just won’t allow it right now and I’m nowhere near ready for launch.

My initial idea for bracketed type challenges is still a good possibility, but I have also been thinking about the possibility of blogger challenging blogger to a blog-off. Maybe a debate style head to head matchup about a particular subject with one side for and one side against. The fight could be announced and promoted on blog Fight Club and then each blogger post on their own site.

There is also a possibility of picking two comparable subjects and having bloggers pick sides until a winner is announced. I participated in a tug of war on The Matticus Kingdom between Marvel Comics and DC a few months back that worked this way. It was a lot of fun and could work on this new site as well.

Just a few more ideas I have been working on. If you have any of your own please let me know. If you want to step over and check out the layout of the new blog you can, just know it is in a construction phase.

I will add another update when I have more info or any decisions have been made. Thank you to everyone for their support.

Results on the February What if? writing challenge

February What if? writing challenge two-fer

What if you went viral?

What if you discovered a lost civilization?

The challenge has ended and with it took a piece of the blog. Thank you to all those who have participated in my What if? challenges but for now, this is the final installment.

The votes are in and we had a three way tie this time with the votes going to

whatif2The Gateway | Musings of a Soul Eclectic

The Others (Short Story) | A Mom’s Blog

Quarrying for a new civilization | mbarkersimpson

Some great posts for the final challenge. If you would like to go back and visit any of the former challenges they will remain on the blog and open for new comments or pingbacks.

If you are still interested in a writing challenge please visit the new one I have started at Multiverse Fiction Challenge. New challenges will be posted every Monday.

Update on the What if challenge? Week sixteen

frostyThe challenge this week was to re-write a Christmas tune. I’m sure everyone has probably done this at some point but it doesn’t seem like most want to blog about it. We did get four superb entries from four excellent bloggers. Between them they brought us two new versions of The Twelve Days of Christmas and two new versions of Jingle Bells.
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Update on the What if challenge? Week fifteen

santaSanta wasn’t extremely talkative this week, but he did visit a few blogs and gave some insight into the holiday season. Nothing was off topic and he was willing to answer all the questions he was asked.

If you want to know what he had to say you should check out the challenge responses listed below. Hopefully we didn’t cause too much commotion at the North Pole and he can get right back to work on a great Christmas.

Update on the What if challenge? Week Thirteen

handshake-46200_640This week I think maybe most of us were too busy being thankful to spend time posting about being thankful. We did get three really great responses though that were extremely fun to read. If you haven’t already checked them out please take a minute to do so. I think you will enjoy it.

Check back tomorrow for this weeks challenge and let’s see what happens when you hypnotize someone. Wait, did I let just this week’s topic slip? Oh well, I guess it’s out now. Come back tomorrow for the official post and then link up with your takes.

Update on the What if challenge? Week twelve

Can you believe this is week twelve of the What if writing challenge? In those twelve weeks we have seen just over a hundred posts inspired by the challenge. We’ve written about clones, dragons, our evil sides, mad scientists, spying, scary times and more. I hope everyone has had just as much fun with it as I have. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far and those who have read and liked the responses.

2672889152_0fa1bf6ebc_nNow to this week. I asked you to speak your mind, What if you said what you really thought? This was a very interesting thought and I enjoyed reading your responses. There was some debate in a couple posts about whether the need to keep your thoughts hidden was a part of what keeps society from crumbling or it we would be better off if we always said what we thought. I think it’s great when you’re still thinking about the subject after you finished writing your post or reading someone else’s.

If you want to see what everyone spent their time speaking about this week please check out these great responses to the challenge. Then head back over here tomorrow to try your hand at the next one.