What if you got sucked into your blog?

iphone-338961_150Just imagine you are at your laptop, your smartphone or whatever device you use and one of your favorite blogs graces the screen. You are reading, maybe laughing a bit, maybe cringing at the thoughts produced, you are enjoying your time in the blogging world. Then suddenly a blast of light from your device envelops you and everything goes dark.

You awake a bit groggy, disoriented and upon looking at your surroundings it only gets worse. Around all you can see is words, pictures, cartoons, rows of faces and lists galore. What has happened and where are you. You begin walking until you bump into a large button that reads follow. Wait, are you inside your own blog?

How did this happen? How do you get out? You think “I can’t be stuck in the blogging world, I’ve got too much to do. How can I type my post if I am a part of them?” Then again, this could be fun. You might be able to find the inside track on blogging, quite literally.

So where should you begin? You decide to make the climb to the top of the page and see if you can change the current surroundings, after all you already know what’s on your own page. Where to check out first? You decide to head to the daily post and see what might be happening over there.

It works! You are now a blogging traveler, able to make the jump from one to the next with ease. The term blog-hop is taking on a whole new meaning. You begin to realize just how alive the stories on these blogs are as they take form around you. The posts, the thoughts, the fiction were always entertaining, but now they become enchanting.

railroad-166535_150Cars crash right in front of you, the werewolves howl so loud it is almost deafening and the vacation you always wanted to take seems to be happening all around. The animals talk while you listen and the tears flow as you watch the sadness unfold. The world is yours and you can travel wherever your will takes you. You have fun bouncing from one post to the next and you always try to remember to bound upon the like button.

Look out, that pingback almost hit you as it passed!

It’s getting dangerous around here. You need to be more careful. Most blogs are harmless, only there to entertain but if you end up on one that wants to trap you it could be the end. There may be no escape. Then there is the spam to consider. These blogs are crawling with it. You have to work around it and at the same time hope the spam filter doesn’t mistake you and boot you out.

Maybe it’s time you found the way back to the outside land. As fun and entertaining as all these blogs are there is too much to keep you busy in the real world. If you stay stuck inside the blog there may be nothing to inspire your next post.

Where would you go if you were sucked into the blogging universe? How would you spend your time? Can you imagine being a part of the stories? A virtual wonderland to navigate as you wished.

What if I survived an entire year of blogging?

Yes folks. It’s been a full year since I joined the blogosphere with an idea. An idea about the possibility of the what if’s of the world. Who knew I could be here a full year later and still be coming up with new ideas for posts?

Granted it’s been a little slow around here lately, but that’s because of a few things keeping me busy in my personal life and not a mental block or lack of ideas. Believe me they still come to me daily, I just need the time and energy to share them. Hopefully that will pick up soon.

00-30-55-141_150All in all I am quite proud of what this site has become. I have enjoyed the interactions with other bloggers I now call friends and seeing how they react to my what if scenarios and even enjoying some of theirs. I have used the experience I learned here to launch two other blogs I also enjoy. I have reached deep inside myself and found a part of me I didn’t know still existed.

This other me is the creative one. He has been extremely grateful to have found a place to share his poems, short stories and just random thoughts. In the last 365 days there has been nearly 300 posts, over 20000 views and more than 2500 comments made on the blog. I would have laughed at the start if someone told me a year later these stats would be true.

Over the next few days I will reshare a few of my first posts along with a couple of my favorites. I hope to continue to grow the world of What if’s long into the future while keeping the ideas fresh, creative and sometimes maybe a bit weird. Thanks to all those who have come along for the ride so far and I look forward to entertaining many more in the future.

I have already had a couple great bloggers join in to share their what if ideas here on the site and I would gladly accept a few more into the family. If you have any thoughts or ideas you think could make a great post or think you could contribute to the site please let me know at thoughts@okaywhatif.com or thenotoriousjed@gmail.com.

What if we started a blog fight club?

Okay I had this really weird thought on the way home today. It started out with a bit of silliness trying to think about a good blog post. Somehow I started thinking about fight club (not at all sure why, haven’t seen it in years) and it wiggled it’s way into my blog thoughts.

Next thing I know I’m paraphrasing the famous movie line “The first rule of blog fight club is, you tell everybody about blog fight club!”. Then I just started giggling at myself until suddenly I thought That could actually make a real, entertaining adventure for us bloggers!

blogfightSo let me explain a little bit about the way I think it could work. Let’s use a bracket style concept and say we start with sixteen blogs. Each blogger writes about the same subject but using their own style. They hold their post and don’t publish until told their bracket spot is active. Continue reading

What if you could be in some great company for New Year’s?

If you haven’t heard about it yet some great, imaginative bloggers came up with the idea to share the holidays with whoever needed to talk. If you’re alone or just in need of a friendly chat you should check out Come4Company (formerly Company4Christmas).

The site is up and running with bloggers from all over making time to chat. I’ll be hanging around a bit today and tomorrow at the site if you want to visit me or any of the other great hosts. I look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to chat.

Happy New Year!


What if the time’s they were a changing?

It’s just a few days until the new year and what a year it’s been. I’m still just as poor as I was the year before, still working at the same job, still married to my same loving wife and I’m still as good looking as ever but now I can call myself a blogger. After six months of posts, building a following and then even establishing a second blog I feel comfortable saying I’m a blogger.

thoughts-101033_150I haven’t written a book yet and I don’t write for any sites other than my own but that doesn’t matter. I enjoy the ability to share my thoughts with others in this great big blogging world more than I could have ever imagined. Something about hitting that publish button, then seeing that little symbol in the corner of the screen light up with a like or a thought makes me happy. When I see the trophy symbol or the squiggly arrow show up I get super excited.
Continue reading

What if I attempted NaNoWriMo?

So am I completely crazy to attempt NaNoWriMo this year? I just started writing a few odd stories and created this blog earlier this year. I have enjoyed it a lot, but also I’ve had an idea in my head for a while now that I thought could make a good screenplay or novel if I just took the time to write it.

One of my presents from Santa last year was the Final Draft screenwriting software. It was purchased for me as a response to my talking up how great a screenplay I thought this story would make. My problem was I discovered I didn’t have the knowledge to write a screenplay, but I still got started trying. I read a bunch of how to’s, but eventually got sidetracked from it around the time I found blogging.

So I noticed the novel writing month and debated whether I could do it. I finally decided that if I tried and failed, worst case I would have some subject matter for my blog. So I signed up and established my info. I’ve written a first chapter for my story and so far have just over 600 words. Only 49,400 to go!

I still plan on trying to post daily on my blog and continue to have great What if challenges throughout the month. Wow, I really have lost it haven’t I? Any motivational speeches you can give would be most appreciated. If I pull off the novel would anyone be interested in a copy? It’s a story that involves aliens, teleportation, government conspiracies, police work and a love story.

I’m hoping I can turn all that into 50,000 or more words. If you’re interested in updates or excerts of the story let me know and I’ll try to post them. Thank you to everyone for the support you’ve already given me over the last few months. If not for this blog and the community here at wordpress I would never have the courage to attempt such a feat.

So here goes nothing. wish me luck!


What if I had 20,000 followers? Not yet but OKAY, WHAT IF?

300 is a nice number isn’t it. I like it. It’s nice and simple. 300 – A three and two zeros, three total numbers. It was even a pretty decent movie. Now thanks to Steven Cottingham from Just After Words it’s the total number of followers on my blog.

Not sure why I find that total so astonishing. I hit 50 and thought wow. Then I hit 100 and said that’s pretty cool. With 200 I was drooling just at the thought. Now I’ve hit that 300 mark and all I can do is keep writing 300 and then start thinking, I wonder just how far I can go.

If I use movie titles I could strive for 1000 (House of 1000 Corpses), then go for 2000 (Death Race 2000), next could be 3000 (Mr. 3000)  and I figure why stop there. There is always goals of 10,000 (10,000 B.C.) or 20,000 (20,000 Leagues under the Sea)

But anyway I’m just rambling now. To each and every follower I thank you. For everyone who has read, liked or commented on a post I thank you. To everyone who has blogged a little themselves and kept this community strong I thank you.

black-41640_640With every post I appreciate this community more and more. I enjoy telling my stories and being a little weird and creepy at times. I normally try to add some humor so I don’t seem quite as weird.

I’ve also enjoyed the ability to read other’s stories, ideas and thoughts everyday. I’ve come to the realization that all those people on Facebook posting recipes and funny little photos just don’t know what they are are missing out on.  My Facebook friends are acquaintances, but my wordpress friends are my family.

I think you all know who you are. Thanks again for allowing me into your world the last few months. I hope you don’t mind but I have found the place very cozy and think I might just stay a while.

Looking forward to the next post in my reader and the next comment on my blog. Is it going to be your comment that makes me smile today?