What if I added a new feature to the site?

I decided it was time to add a new feature to the site. A while back I did a post asking for others to send me their ideas for a What if topic and I would do my best to write a post based on their idea. It worked well and a couple fun posts came out of it.

Later today I will be re-blogging a fun What if post from a blogger who has been exploring her own what if scenarios on her site after finding inspiration here. Seeing her post about What if life was like the Sims? made me realize there are many subjects out there that could be explored that I don’t have knowledge to do. I have never played the Sims so I wouldn’t have any idea about life as a Sim, but reading someone else’s post about it was entertaining.

For those reasons I have decided to add a permanent feature where you can submit an idea for a what if topic or submit a post of your own. The feature is listed on the side of every page so you can get to it at anytime. This way you can have your post featured here on the site without needing to become an active author or editor of the site. Credit will always be given with your name and blog listed unless you wish to remain anonymous. You can choose to publish your post on your own blog before submitting or re-blog the post from this sight once published here.


I hope to see some new great ideas and fun posts from this feature. Let’s see just how random we can get with a scenario started by a what if? Thank you to everyone for reading and being along for the ride.

What if your home life was exposed?

I recently asked for your help in picking a few topics to write about this week here at Okay, what if?. This is a topic idea that comes to us from Easter Ellen at Overcoming to Becoming

chairs-61907_150One of the what if’s she asked was – What if you could talk to the fish that stand in the middle of many people’s homes?  What story would they tell you? What story would you want them to never repeat?

It took me a little time to process this question, but once I thought about it I was intrigued. Everyone has probably heard the saying about being a fly on the wall. The daily post even had a prompt for it a while back, but this idea is usually just for a single moment or small amount of time. I see this what if as a whole lot more.

What if your home life was exposed for the world to see? Every sordid detail of your daily life an open book. All the things that you do in the privacy of your home that you would not dare to do in public now known by anyone who wanted. Just imagine the stories your household items could tell. What things your couch knows and how embarrassing they could be.
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What if I could swap places with a woman for a day?

I recently asked for your help in picking a few topics to write about this week here at Okay, what if?. This is a topic idea that comes to us from Juls also known as The Indecisive Eejit

lingerie-146462_640Juls has asked the question What if I could swap places with a woman for a day? Well I must say this is going to be a very short post.

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What if we had wings but couldn’t fly?

I recently asked for your help in picking a few topics to write about this week here at Okay, what if?. This is a topic idea that comes to us from SW_ysobel at Spunky Wayfarer

fly-159358_640So what if I went a little mutant on you with this one.  Let’s say your life has been spent just like anybody else’s. You were born to a nice family and went to school making good grades. It’s just about time for graduation and you’re at a senior party when your back begins itching. It’s not a slight itch. It’s a terrible, painful burning that you can’t get to. It’s so bad you leave the party knowing you had a sure thing with Sally, just to go somewhere by yourself and scream!
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What if you awoke as your favorite food item?

I recently asked for your help in picking a few topics to write about this week here at Okay, what if?. This is a topic idea that comes to us from Pat(ricia) at Lemon Lime Follies

Of all the things that could happen to us on a normal day, have you ever thought about going to bed as yourself and then waking up as someone else? What about as something else? How about a food item? Sounds like a weird idea but it could happen and then what would you do? This scenario happened to me and played out almost a week not too long ago. Luckily I had vacation time built up so I was able to stay home, out of the site of others.

apple-150579_150On Monday morning I woke like normal but when I attempted to lean my feet over the edge of the bed I realized, I had no legs! About the same time I also noticed my arms were gone too and I couldn’t catch myself. I just rolled right off the bed landing with a thud on the hardwood floor. I managed to roll around enough until I got a view in the mirror hanging on the door. I was an apple. That’s right, a freaking apple! And along with this shock I also now had a tremendous bruise from landing on the floor. Let me tell you, a giant bruise on a giant apple is bad. it’s all squishy with a cracked skin. Yuck.
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What if everyone got everything they wanted for two days?

I recently asked for your help in picking a few topics to write about this week here at Okay, what if?. This is the first topic idea I received and comes to us from jazzybellewashington of Confessions of a JazzyBelle

What if you could get everything you desired for not one, but two whole days? Can you imagine how unhappy and miserable this would make us. Yes, you read that right-unhappy and miserable!

bag-147782_640To start with if everyone got what they wanted would anyone really get their wish? On the surface, it sounds like a wonderful thing, but getting all your desires fulfilled might just make you want even more. Could you ever fully get everything you wanted.

Most people are going to automatically want to be rich just asking for it outright or asking to win the lottery. Well if the lottery is forty million and forty million people win that’s means everyone gets a dollar. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to think you won that much money and then be handed a dollar? Still there would be a large number of people who do get there way and become rich. Now that everyone is rich though imagine the inflation. Go to the store and buy a drink and a pack of crackers and the clerk say “That’ll be two-fifty.” So you reach in your pocket and pull out two dollars and fifty cent to which the clerk laughs, “No, two hundred fifty!” A happy meal now will set you back about a thousand. That just doesn’t seem practical to me.

girl-163686_150As a guy I can think of a few things that would come to mind if I got everything I wanted. There is the love potion idea, maybe you wish for the new girl at the office, Amy to fall in love with you. She is so pretty and you have liked her from the first moment she entered the office, but she hasn’t even noticed you. Well now you can have your way and she falls madly in love/lust with you. Minor problem though, you didn’t realize Amy was married and her Ex-Marine husband doesn’t take too kindly to her falling in love with another guy. This would probably end very badly.

Some guys may also wish to be well endowed. I mean come on, what guy wouldn’t think about or want this, but is every guy going to be able to deal with it? It you are not used to your endowment being a little more to handle than normal couldn’t that make even medial daily tasks a little harder (Ha, ha I said harder). Just walking around could be uncomfortable if you are not used to the feeling inside your pants. Okay, let me get off (he, he) this subject.

car-160895_150How many people would ask for things they really shouldn’t have? Sports cars and personal jetpacks for everyone! Somehow that just doesn’t sound safe. And speaking of the jet pack, if we can have anything we want, does that mean only plausible things or can we have the impossible as well. Can I wish to be able to fly without a plane? Remember the jealous husband mentioned above? What if he wanted you to explode into a million pieces of confetti. That can’t be good for your health.

So just imagine a world where everyone is rich beyond imagination, can have any superpower or ability they want and be with any other person they want. Everybody can have these things for a full two days, but then they are going to be ripped away from them!

Anything and everything you could want for not one, but two days and then you have to back to working for it all. What kind of a thing is that to do to someone? What do you think? Is the idea of getting everything you want enticing to you or just it just scare th crap out of you? Thanks to JazzyBelle for this interesting topic.