What if The Walking Dead’s zombie stars were hounded by paparazzi?

Zombies are everywhere today. They are the real stars of one of the most popular shows on television, so why aren’t the paparazzi constantly trying for a candid pic? Why does TMZ never show any interviews? Is somebody getting paid off to keep quiet about the unsanitary antics of these stars?

Getting close to these Walkers should be pretty easy. If you just hang out long enough at the graveyard you are bound to spot one. The stories are all there and people want to hear about them. I did a little digging (pun intended) myself and found out some information that everyone will be astonished by.

Here are a few examples of what we could see if the paparazzi and Hollywood reporters would just do their jobs.zombiegirl

The stories of after parties and cast hook-ups the female zombie pictured here could tell you would make you laugh, cry and cringe. Did she spend a night with two of the show’s biggest stars? Did the drunken orgies include toothless zombies sticking severed limbs in unmentionable places? She is willing to talk if somebody wants to listen. How about it Hollywood Reporter, Variety Magazine or Entertainment Television?


The food provided on set will disgust you. You wouldn’t believe what makes the cut and is laid out for the zombies. It seems the food is seldom cleaned and clothing is usually left on. There also is never any variety, just the same thing every day. I would have thought the budget for the show would provide for adequate meals for all involved, but the zombies will tell you differently.

It’s easy to see why they feel their contributions to the show are not appreciated. I’ve even talked to a few who have mentioned a strike. Could the show survive without it’s zombie stars? I don’t think so.


The security on set is questionable at best. The zombie wannabes are always trying to get on the lot. You never see mobs of people dressed and acting like Rick, Daryl or Michonne and that should tell you something about the real stars of the show. There have been times where the only way to keep the mob out is for these actor’s to get involved. The mob of wannabe zombies roaming outside the filming locations are a sight most find a little scary, but what’s ever scarier is when one makes it on set. Some try to prove they could be among the shows greats by biting anyone involved in the show’s creation. On set medical teams are on constant alert according to my sources.

If I can find all this out you know the professional’s have access as well. Why the public is not given this information is anybody’s guess, but I truly believe that either the network or show’s creators are suppressing any news to make sure the zombies will never get credit as the true stars they are. If the people knew more about them and how important the zombies were to the show’s success they would realize it as well. Once they started asking for raises citing the show’s popularity, the profits would be cut significantly.


These guys even claimed to have pics from the changing rooms of a few of the star zombies. They were willing to part with them for a sizable fee claiming I wouldn’t believe the photos and would be given exclusive rights. I admit the thought of seeing scantily clad or clothe less zombies is a bit intriguing, but I have a few morals and decided to let them keep these to sell to someone else. Still it proves my point the stories and pictures are out there.

When will the paparazzi decide these stories are too important to keep hidden? I feel it won’t be long before we see zombies being interviewed on Good Morning America and I am all for it. I think we should be on social sites astonished and angry after the zombie deaths just like we are with the human ones. Give them their due and a little respect. Zombie’s were once people too!

What if zombies infected Trifecta?

You’ve found some old books.  

On page 3 of one of the books, this illustration appears:

Give us the 33 words that follow this illustration from www.poisonedplayground.com

 What happens next?

Artist credit: Dan Duford www.poisonedplayground.com

Artist credit: Dan Duford

And they said I shouldn’t swim here

Said the water would turn me into a zombie

Shows what they know

Bunch of idiots

Water is so refreshing

Wait, why are my friends running?

Written for Trifecta: Week Eighty Eight Prompt

What if the zombie apocalypse starts in Detroit?

Okay, what if the zombie apocalypse starts in Detroit? This week Detroit has been in the news for the city’s bankruptcy filings and for years we’ve been hearing about the decay of Detroit from a once great, thriving city. Along with the loss of industry the city’s stories include the number of murders and crime that take place every year.

If there is going to be a zombie uprising, wouldn’t this be an ideal place for it to start? The corpse’s are plenty to fill their ranks and with all the decaying and abandoned buildings there are plenty of places for hordes of zombies to gather. They could be quietly attacking people even as you read this.

If you heard dire news of a weird plague or massive death tolls coming out of Detroit would you pay attention or even care? The end may have already started and by the time we realize it could be too late!


Although I’m not a firm believer that zombies will destroy us all (my theory includes aliens) I have decided a trip to Detroit is not in any future plans. If you are a native of Detroit and read this please know I mean no disrespect to your city, this was just one of my random thoughts I decided to share. Please stay safe and zombie free.