Okay What If? – New Skillz


Good evening folks from both myself and Professor Cat. As you might have already guessed it’s time for another challenge should anyone feel inclined.

Thank you to all those who last month shared their ideas for custom mugs, if you were not able to view some of the ideas you can catch up HERE and have a read through the ping backs and comments, there are some interesting and evil ideas.

You guys rock Mug

For this time round, the idea came to me last night, but I needed beauty sleep and lots of it, so I had to put it on hold until this evening.

Are you ready? Okay, What if you went to bed one night and the next morning you awoke to find you were able to do three things that you couldn’t the night before. That can be anything, new skills, new talents, give it your best shot.

You have from now until I put up the next challenge to participate. I don’t believe in deadlines, usually because I miss them!

Happy writing 🙂

18 thoughts on “Okay What If? – New Skillz

  1. Three skills, talents, etc…….just three. I thought about these all night and think I’ve narrowed down to a good list.

    1. Ability to selectively “hear” the thoughts of a person that I’m talking or listening to. I’d like to turn that ability on and off at will so I don’t go insane. I also want it focused on the person(s) in a conversation similar to the way Stephen Hawking uses his eyes to type on a computer.

    2. Knowing how to play, without thinking, every instrument in the world. I’ve loved music ever since I was a kid (Mom was a music teacher) but I’ve always struggled with reading music and playing most instruments. I believe being able to make music and tell a story without ever saying a word is a tremendously powerful talent.

    3. This one is my inner geek going crazy. A natural ability to tap into wireless signals around me, store the data and then recall when appropriate. I want to be “that guy” at a party that oozes knowledge and IS the conversation rather than just being a participant.

    I think that’s a good mix. One is selfish to gain an advantage, one is selfless to make people happy and one is pure geek. 🙂

    • I’m not sure about the selective hearing, what if I heard something I didn’t want to lol
      Number 2 is similar to one of my own, when I get my ass in gear and get my post written lol
      I like number 3, except I would tap into wireless signals and make myself into a tethering spot so I could seamlessly surf the net no matter where I was 🙂

      Good choices and thank you for taking part 🙂

  2. Eh…that would be:

    1) Make time stand still while I had a lie-in, leisurely bath, updated my fb page, put my makeup on, got the best parking space and still got into work before everyone else, sitting at my desk with a coffee, looking fresh as a daisy – and it was still only 8am, magic! Also I could stop time then change the winning lottery balls to mine and be a millionaire.

    2) Hypnotise people to laugh at all my jokes, tell me I’m right ALL the time and vote for me in the next election.

    3) Be a super, duper dancer… then Peter Andre and I could sizzle together on Strictly Come Dancing making the whole world and their Auntie sooooo jealous, yeah babe!! 😉

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